Benefits of Video Content Marketing

With the digital age, video content is increasingly becoming an essential promotional tool that every business needs to get their hands on. Research from Cisco shows that Videos will make up 80% of the buyer traffic on the internet by 2020. Furthermore, according to Hubspot, 55% of the world’s population watches videos daily. These statistics emphasize on how businesses need to get on the video content marketing wave like yesterday. If you don’t have resources to hire a videographer or have the know-how to create video content, many production companies in Atlanta can help you out with that. All you need to have is ideas on what you would like in the videos and our production and vfx companies in Atlanta will take over doing what we know best to give you the best videos.

Benefits of incorporating videos in your marketing strategy include:

Capturing attention

Video content is known to attract a viewer’s attention as compared to other forms like texts and static images. Motion picture engages the eyes and ears as well leaving someone wanting to know more. With the influx of content, people do not have all the time to read or analyze pictures but videos that quickly explain a concept gets higher click-through rates. Furthermore, the search engines such as Google ranks video content higher as compared to any other material because it allows users to spend more time on your website.

Clear product explanations

Research shows that people would rather watch videos explaining products or services as compared to reading about it. That is why sites like YouTube have millions of visitors every day. If you have a new product, creating video content to demonstrate how it works by engaging Atlanta video production companies is more effective as compared to writing about it. Go for animated video production Atlanta if you want to stand out even more.

Trust building

Conversions and sales all revolve around trust. It is especially so when you are launching a new product or service. Branded video content Atlanta allows you to build trust with your targeted consumers because there is so much fraud going on on the internet these days. The aspect of trust is why YouTube influencers have grown so much. Viewers like watching videos of people who give testimonials about products they have an interest in before they make up their minds about buying a product. Furthermore, videos give you a chance to tell your potential customers the benefits they get from using your product.

More social shares

Social media plays an essential role in marketing these days, and every other time, they launch features that encourage video content such as live features. If you have interesting content, people will share the videos around, and the results of this show in your bottom line.

In conclusion, branded video content has proven to be a handy promotional tool for businesses today. Production companies in Atlanta like ours helps companies to communicate their message to their audience through various forms of videography such as animated videos, virtual reality Atlanta GA, 360 video production amongst others.

Branded video content is engaging and memorable.

Whatever your needs, give us a call, we are happy to help. Make sure to Grab more exposure with Commercial Videos for your brand today. If you need more information on How video production can impact your business success, read more of our articles and get “in the know.”