Video Production is an art form.

It takes what is relevant in many cultures, even pop culture and organizes it into a story that people can relate to, then uses that knowledge to sell products. If you are looking for the competitive advantage Video Production can give you, and your company, read on.


Humans have told stories since the beginning of history. If you think about, that is all history is. His Story. From the translations of historical events to the global political propaganda countries share to push agendas forward. Stories that connect with masses is what you are looking for. Sure, the examples used can seem a bit broad, but i think you understand the point. Great stories are based on emotion, logic can sometimes play second fiddle. Your views, however rational and supported through strong arguments can sometimes fall on def ears if you are unable to introduce emotional elements.

Since humans have told stories that resonate with us on an emotional level since the beginning of time, wouldn’t it make since that video would do the same? It’s an extension of our nature and what appeals to us so make sure when you create copy for your brand’s next marketing asset, make sure it connects with your audience emotionally.

Personal connection

With advances in video production technology it is easier to create personal connections with consumers than ever before. 2d graphics, 3d graphics , 360 and VR experiences can be created with hardware and software under $500 and can fit in your pocket. Granted you will have to know how to use the tools and a professional video production with a proven track record can help you. Besides the tools and tricks of the trade, make sure your story hits the target. No matter what you plan to do in post production, making sure your story connect with the intended target is your first priority.


If you were given the task of describing the winning shot of the NBA finals through text, do you think you would get as high engagement from a willing audience as a live recording of the actual event? The truth is, more people like to watch something happen than read about it. It’s visually stimulating, predominantly saves time and universally thought to be more engaging. Sure you have books that have come out better then movie productions, but in general, pop culture would rather watch a screen for an hour then read a book over 3-4 days. Moving forward, as we as a people aim for efficiency, time is the biggest factor. When you are trying to sell a new product or service, a professionally produced Video is going to get more attention than an article about what you are selling.


So you have a new product to sell. It’s innovative, it saves people time, and its proven to be 39% more effective than your leading competitors flagship product. So, how does it work? What makes it a better product? Where can potential customers buy it? A video can answer all these questions in a clear and effective manor. Conversely, you can hire numerous customer service reps and sales people to answer these questions time and time again. Sure a professional produced video may cost a lot of money, but a newly trained or insufficiently trained employee not on their A game will cost you more.

More then 90 percent of hiring managers say that an employee that knows how to communicate effectively has a better chance of being promoted than an employee with more experience and weak communication skills. In fact, those with strong communication skills become irreplaceable to a given company. When it comes to communicating consistent and concise brand messaging, well produced videos get it right every time.

When companies use video to show how people might best use their product, they are building brand loyalty. It shows you care enough to make the learning process for your customer easy. Being this thorough is the sort of thing that creates loyal customers that stay with you for life.

Competitive Advantage through Video Production-1

Makes Life Easier

Who wants to sit down and read instructions? Not me. If produced properly, videos have the ability to show your new customers a step by step process of how to do something correctly. Step by step videos are more helpful than pictures and more engaging than text. The overall message can be the same with text and pictures. Videos just tend to make your customer’s life easier.

Increase Market Presence

There is an ago old saying. Out of sight, out of mind. When you have a video produced to market your company’s product or service, you are creating visual marketing that will consistently be seen by others. This increases your market presence. As mentioned before, videos are an efficient way to show potential customers exactly who you are, what you offer and help them decide if they would like to get involved.

Warren Buffet, once pointed out that having the ability to speak well in front of others can raise your value to a company by 50%. The same goes for the marketing material you create for your company. Short, simple language effective and efficient.

If you want to reach a wide range of people, write copy that is easy to understand by people from various educational backgrounds. It will allow you to reach a broad audience.

Distinguish Your Work

Quality over quantity. Make a quality video that explains to potential customers who you are and what you are selling. Your product and the way it solves the world’s problems is a unique proposition, a unique angle you offer. With a great video, customers will take notice. That voice, that message in your video is your personality, your message. It’s a conversation you are having with the consumer, and trust me, consumers are well informed of the many options at their disposal in a free market. Create great video marketing assets and distinguish your products and services against your competition.

Videos Are Your Best Salesman

We touched on this a bit earlier. Sure you can have a big sales force repeating the same answers to simple questions. Conversely, you can produce a professional video to do this for you. This video will get the pertinent information to your potential customers and deliver it with 100% accuracy every time.

In a competitive and saturated market, presenting your ideas effectively and persuasively is are key. If you do not, it is possible you will be swept under the waves of the rolling market.

Competitive Advantage through Video Production-2

Persuasion is Best

Peer-reviewed research shows 30% of the U.S. economy is fueled by “persuasion:” jobs that utilize public speaking, presentation, etc. Think about that for a second. Logic might deduce that the natural success and progression for every company relies heavily on the art of persuasion. Most people think that this soft skill is not one that they should take the time to learn or improve their persuasion skills.

Ideas do not sell themselves, they are persuaded through the finish line. You might have the greatest product ever, but if you can not successfully explain it’s value, it risks falling upon deaf ears. Video excels at marketing your product or service because it is a professionally researched, organized and executed video marketing tool. In an engaging and simple form of video, professionally executed video productions persuade consumers through storytelling. It is to everyone’s advantage to master the art of persuasion and story if you want your product or service to reach it’s full potential.

People like Martin Luther King and Winston Churchill will always be remembered because they were able to communicate their ideas persuasively and emotionally. To connect with their audience, they presented their views and logic, laying them out using relevant analogies and metaphors the masses could relate to. Presenting ideas in this manner have become much more important now than ever before.


The art of persuasion comes to very few naturally. If you are to master it, you master it, you may need to practice a bit. Write a story, practice in front of a mirror, talk to friends and see what lands and what areas need improvement. After you have an idea of the kinds of stories you want to tell about your brand, speak with a professional video production company. This will save you a lot of money in development fees in the long run.

Videos are one of the most effective ways to gain a competitive advantage over your competition. There are several levels of great commercial video production and how they connect with your target audience. A great video production company has the production capability, story development capability and research arm. Talk with a few before you partner with one, then go for it. Good luck!