Having all the necessary skills and equipment is not always enough to guarantee a successful video production company. For a video production company, one of the many problems that will be encountered is how to find and also keep clients. Finding clients, elevating your video production company to greater heights will undoubtedly take some tangible investment and efforts, but it’s for the greater good especially given that video is the still the most powerful medium to get messages across. Video production professionals do not need to be an expert on how to market the production company, they would only need to find a few key ideas and strategies that apply to the industry and utilize them.

So, here are four (4) effective strategies video production companies and video production professionals use to get clients:

  1. Create Video Production Samples

Doing whatever it takes to build an awesome portfolio is the first and arguably the most important step to getting clients. Truth is, serious clients sometimes are not interested in reading or knowing what you can do for them (if you think about it, they already know that), they are only interested what you have done in the past. So, they must be provided with as many samples as possible. A portfolio or reel is the best sale tool even for any business, so it must be given the time and attention it deserves. If you are looking for ideas on How to Get Started in Professional Video Production, click here.

  1. Knowing What Clients to Go After

Of course, we know that everybody needs video production in some shape or form and video production services should be marketed to a general audience, it wouldn’t hurt still to visualize ideal clients. What is your past experience, and how does that play a role in your future as a videographer? What would you consider your area of expertise? What is your preferred style of shooting? These are good questions that should be considered when identifying the ideal client to work with. Once a niche has been narrowed down, by smartly combining your interests, skills, and needs of the market place or in this case, clients, it will be easier to promote and sell services and improve on expertise in that area of videography.

Also, don’t forget those old clients that you had good experiences with. Make sure you take time out to reach out to them and find out if they are working on any project at the moment and if not, ask what the company could do for them in the future.

  1. Network like a Marketer

Networking is perhaps the most ideal approach to build up connections and get top video production clients. Networking is an opportunity to meet new individuals and, particularly in smaller communities or specialties of videography, can be a distinct advantage for building up the company. Networking isn’t all about approaching random strangers and promoting your services.

It is about making connections within your community that can help you find, or attract more leads.

Finding clients for video production is a two-way street with the abundance of internet resources available to those looking for video production services. Therefore, boosting your SEO through content marketing is a good idea to stand out from the competitions. Engaging in online posts related to videography and joining small local business groups must be put into consideration too – who knows, their clients might just need just what you have to offer.

  1. Have Online Presence

Sharing your work online on different platforms will help you to promote your business and spread awareness. It is easier for people to find you when your videos are getting noticed out there on these platforms.

Here are some of the best hosting platforms you can invest in:


Once some of the best video clips have been selected, create a YouTube and Vimeo account (if you don’t have one already) and the business name as the usernames.

Although you can start with a free Vimeo accounts, you would need to consider upgrading to Vimeo’s Pro or Business accounts. Why? These options, in particular, will let you create a customizable video production portfolio site that increases your exposure. If you’re looking for business video hosting, you need to pay for a Vimeo Pro account ($199/year). Paid membership entitles you to customize and brand your own video player, powerful analytics, and more. Trust me, it is definitely worth it in the long run.

Uploading to YouTube is a large community where users can subscribe to your channel and receive updates whenever your videos have been uploaded and yeah YouTube is also free. There are no premium plans. So you should make optimum use of this tool.

When all is set up and ready to go, you should upload those selected video clips and use SEO keyword-targeted titles. Focused titles will increase the chances of your clips showing up on the search engine.

Social Media

Did you know that it is an established fact that more than 1 of 3 internet users say they go to social networks when looking for more information about a brand or product? An average person in 2019 would check their Instagram or Twitter at least twice a week and yes, you have guessed it. There is a possibility that they just stumbled upon your company’s Instagram or twitter page, checked out what you can offer, even getting linked to your YouTube or Vimeo and already giving you a call because they are impressed with what they see. For more ideas on How to Get Started in Professional Video Production Using Social Media, follow the link.

So, stay up-to-date, get out there and start selling your company.


Keep putting great content on your social media pages that might interest new clients. Use your friends and family and offer them your assistance with video production. Slip in your business cards wherever you can.
Be intentional about creating the company culture. Decide upfront what you will value as a company, and communicate this throughout the organization. Also, remember that the only hard part is making connections and pitching what the company can offer to clients.