We all crave to do business with the real people. And, using a promotional video for a business or a brand gives you a sizable advantage of staying on the top-notch in the competition. But, most of the business firms find it difficult to get started with video marketing. We are here to take your pain out of all your video marketing campaigns.

Our promotional video production service sharply emphasises on creating top quality video clips that run into your message goals. With our promotional service, you can dispense the value and triumph of your organization to drive more actionable smiles on your customers.

With fragmented audience and media escalating in a more complex way, business marketing and promotion are getting tougher and challenging. In this scenario, the best thing you can do is to embrace the power of promotional marketing videos. And that is where we are par excellence.

We are one of the best production companies in Atlanta. Our promotional videos for business and brands are truly gripping that captivate your audience and rouse to take actions.


How can a video production service become a key part of your business marketing strategy? Let’s have a look at this:


  • Promotional videos will help you expand your conversion
  • Creates an engagement with your business brand and intensify the level of trust for your brand
  • Makes your brand or business fall in love with search engines like Google and hence improve your SEO score.
  • Promotional videos help your brand to get more social shares.


Things to consider before creating a promotional video:


  • Before you start creating a video you need to be clear about the objective of creating the video.
  • You should understand who your target audience is and what type of video content suits them the most.
  • What primary message are you going to dispatch together with the video?


A good video production house can always help you with defining these things to make sure you are headed in the right direction.


How Our Commercial Video production Can leverage Your Brand


No matter how small or big your company or business is, building a brand from the grass level is ever-challenging. It is seriously tough to pass on an idea and message that resonates with the audience on the target line.


An explainer promotional video can easily deliver the key message like


  • Who you are.
  • What you stand for.
  • What your business goals and values are.


With the ability to deliver such a key message, video marketing can be a crucial tool to strengthen your business and brand rapidly. No other forms of content can be ever as effective as a promotional video.


Human psychology and emotional tie-in have always been an integral part of a marketing campaign. Our promotional videos are designed in a way to establish an emotional connection with the audience and influence their purchasing decision.

At Bolt Entertainment we create professional videos for business and brands that prove to be a cut above any rivals. Each video we produce is stylish, smooth and extremely professional enough to deliver the core message. Bolt Entertainment is certainly the best production company that is committed to creating promotional videos for business and helping them stay ahead of the competition.