Compositing in video production is the process of assembling multiple images, videos, text or graphics to produce a final image, either for motion pictures or screen display.

Successful compositing starts from the pre-production phase and continues through the post-production process. Our professional compositors work with our VFX team to ensure all the visual elements of your video are in sync. We help you construct the final image of your project by assembling layers of previously produced material, such as computer animation, 2D and 3D animation, special effects, live action, graphics and static background plates.

Our talented artists have the technical know-how and are equipped with the latest compositing software. We help you produce convincing shadows, enhance lighting, match color levels and add motion blur and grain when necessary. From blue screen and green screen, to chroma key and digital image manipulation to physical compositing and background editing, we have all it takes to ensure your story is properly communicated.