What are Training Videos?

Training Videos are tutorial videos that guide your audience through the process of how to properly use your product or service. These tutorial videos serve as a visual guide to help your audience get extra value from your services. They contain several pictures that explain things, often without words. This means that, your training video should be easy to follow, engaging, educative and fluff-free.

Why Should You Use Training Videos

Training videos are primarily produced to help your audience learn or solve a problem. A great way to avoid fluff and boring your audience is by first identifying what parts of your brand’s process your audience understands and then what confuses your audience the most. Are there issues your customers’ experience that drive traffic to your customer support lines? Rather than talking them through their issues or explaining your process through an instructional manual, training videos will guide your customers visually.

When and How Should You Use Training Videos

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Most times, brands create training videos in response to influx of similar enquiries or problems from consumers. Training videos can be inserted on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) of your website to help customers solve certain problems they may be experiencing. Training videos can also be used as corporate training videos to orientate new hires, or explain a new process to clients, investors or existing staff. Other ways to put training videos in good use is in email responses to your customers, on your website, or apps for new sign ups. Whatever your need for a training video, give us at Bolt Entertainment a call. We are more then happy to help you create the perfect training video today.