A practical marketing approach towards the customer is the key to your next goal of success when it comes down to increasing and growing your business. To be specific, video marketing promotion accounts for almost 70% of the reason for sales in most business industries. Videos have proven to leave an impact on the customer’s decision and choices while making a purchase. For that reason, more prominent companies are paying attention to creating unique videos to attract customers. There are many benefits why you need videos to accelerate your business development. 

1. Greater Audience

With almost everyone possessing a smartphone, it is easy to target potential customers. Putting your ads on social media platforms displays trust and ownership to the viewer. According to statistics in Google, almost 53% are reliable on buying products on brands that hold video content. That is because videos are remembered more easily than online advertising posters or printed mockups.

2. Brand impact

Instead of the traditional research-reading about a product, video clips can provide all the features your product or business offers in less than a minute. That is enough to make your customer know about the business industry and the products you offer, studies have confirmed that 64% of viewers purchase after watching a video which means several customers purchase without going deep into the information about the business history.

3. Google ranking

Being on top of the google search engine is the key to achieving maximum customers to your business. There are many factors to be on top, from adding SEO content, back, and front links, but the one factor that allows a website to be on top of the search engine is video content. Video clips allow viewers to spend more time; this alerts google that your website is reliable and has the right information to the searcher hence making your website on top of the list.

4. Reach a global audience

Viewers can play video clips all around the globe through social media marketing; this means more customers and recognition worldwide. That will allow more opportunities and collaboration or partnership offers from various other business owners. You might be surprised by agencies trying to connect with you or offer you a consultation in building a more prominent brand together. 

Many production companies in the online market are easily accessible and deliver your video requests within several days or less than a week. Video production companies in Atlanta, such as Bolt Entertainment, that customize and create fun marketing videos. We offer various high-quality video production at affordable rates. Furthermore, we have worked with diverse industries and projects and can target the specific customers that fit within your business niche. Check us out yourself and you will not be disappointed.

Nevertheless, video marketing is the new trend in letting the business voice reach customers’ needs or interests. It is a simple technique that results in a higher profit rate and guarantees a long term success.