The Current Scene Of Commercial Production Companies Atlanta

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The Current Scene Of Commercial Production Companies Atlanta

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Are you interested in hiring a local company to make a video for you? If so, then you should find this article very useful. It will help you understand not only what to expect from a production company, but it also has some very useful insights as to what your overall goals and expectations should be, given the current climate of modern media. Today’s world is one where the most creative minds meet the most analytical minds.

Commercial Production Companies in Atlanta Are Changing



It’s true that technology has led to commercial production companies in Atlanta having to change the way they do things. The game has changed. Nowadays, videos are shorter and snappier and all about grabbing the attention of the audience within the first three seconds.

The biggest goal for the vast majority of videos is customer engagement. If you put a piece of video content out there, you have to be able to captivate the attention, entertain your viewer and get them to take action.

Viewers have so many options. Each consumer literally has millions of video options at their fingertip. It used to be about making a commercial that would reach the masses. Now, each video has to have a personalized touch, where each viewer feels like the video is speaking to them personally. This is one of the keys to getting customer engagement.

A high quality Atlanta agency will typically offer the following services:

  • Documentaries

  • Video content to promote your brand

  • Music videos

  • Videos for all your businesses needs

  • Unscripted video productions (like reality TV shows)

  • Scripted videos (like sitcoms)

What matters is not just a high quality video, but the video has to serve it’s purpose. It has to fit in with viewer expectations. Anything less and the unforgiving viewer will be checking out a competitor’s content within a few seconds.

How do Atlanta Video Production Agencies Function?

When it comes to working with an Atlanta video production agency, you are probably wondering what the process looks like. After you’ve defined what you want (or at least brainstormed things out), there are three key phases that a production agency works through. These are as follows:

1. Pre-production

Thorough planning is what’s required in the first stage of pre-production. This is where the video production agency will take your vision and plan our precisely what’s needed in order to make it become a reality. Although things may not always go to plan, contingencies can be put in place to ensure the final result you desire comes to fruition. While creativity no doubt plays a huge part in the process, organized individuals who are able to carry each task efficiently and ensure that deadlines are met are also important.

2. Physical production

Now the plan has been set, a team needs to be put together to make your vision become a reality. Equipment including cameras and specialist sound equipment needs to be acquired and transferred to location, as well as any actors that are going to be used. Filming can be expensive which is why everything needs to be done efficiently. This is especially true if you’re paying for a site to film on.

3. Post production

Once the shoot is over and all the work in the field has been completed, it’s time for the post production stage. After completing the shoot, there are probably numerous takes from different angles and they all need to be sorted through and organized in order to put the final product together. There is also the sound engineering to take care of as well. Post production can end up being an arduous process, but the attention to detail, combined with an overall picture of the original vision will lead to a masterpiece being created.

An agency is likely to have a wide variety of highly skilled personnel and third parties that can take care of any of your video production needs. This can range from camera operators that are hired for day to capture the footage, FX specialists that can build complex worlds with their graphical abilities. What matters is that you get the specialist that matches the needs you have, along with the expert advice.

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