What is Branded Video Content?

Video is one of the quickest, most emotional and compelling ways of creating meaningful and increased engagement for your brand. Before you start a branded video project, think about your audience first! Irrespective of your market, every audience loves a well-made film, full of inspiring, compelling and immersive story.

Why Use Branded Video Content?

Branded content is highly effective, and their impact is far superior to display ads in terms of brand perception, intent, recall, and increased brand interest from consumers. Search engines give more credence to branded video content because of the value they deliver. Many consumers watch explainer videos to gain knowledge and learn about a product or service. Explainer videos are short, concise, engaging, not self-promotional, and have the power to evoke an emotional connection. A successful branded content campaign will strike a positive and lasting emotional response with consumers, making it essential for your brand’s success.

Branded videos to connect with your audience

Reach, connect, and convert your audience through the power of branded video content today.

From understanding your message to creating the right concept that will effectively connect you with your target audience, we work with your team to conceive, create and develop creative branded content that will resonate with your audience and motivate them to take the desired action. Our branded video content production team will create bespoke branded content that will leave a long-lasting effect with your viewers.

Tips to Follow in Creating Branded Video Content

Be Familiar with the Audience

It is important that you know what your audience likes. Find out the type of content your audience likes to engage with. Add this information to your strategy when creating your online videos. To create a branded video, you should also know the type of device and the social channels used to engage with your content the most. This way, you can easily optimize your content for these channels.

Create an Inspiring and compelling Video

Branded content must contain a story with a strong narrative. Apply the same rules used to create narrative content when making branded video content. The pre-production and post-production stage of the video production must be given enough attention so your audience will enjoy a top-notch video, full of stories that inspire and move them. If you create a shabby video with poor content, or if you have not spent time in the development or post-production stages, your audience might hit the unfollow button.

Sound quality is important

Pay attention to the sound quality of your video during the production stage. Clean and clear sound is the only way your content can be enjoyed. Low quality sound will definitely undermine the quality of the overall video even if it is shot with the best camera. Always make sure your sound department uses high fidelity microphones to record audio.