Visual effects is the process of fabricating or manipulating images, and then seamlessly blending these images with live-action recordings to produce a single shot or series of shots for a scene.

Visual Effects for Video Production

Leave a memorable visual impression with your video with a full range of visual effects services from Bolt Entertainment.

At Bolt Entertainment, our VFX studio sets the mood, adds precision to your story, and increases visual excitement. Our Visual effects artists do well with coming up with out-of-the-box concepts and are among the very best in the world. We work around your video production budget to pull off magic with VFX technology that will leave a long lasting impression on your viewers.

Engaging Your Audience With Visual Effects

Humans are visual beings. A beautiful photograph or a well-designed building will likely stick to the mind longer. VFX is the icing on the cake so you will want to get this part right when selling your brand, product or service.

Leave a memorable visual impression with your video with a full range of visual effects services from Bolt Entertainment.

Why You Need A VFX Technology Expert For Your Video Production

When it comes to visual effects, your choice of video production partners is crucial. Even if you’re not sure if your project calls for visual effects, you want to work with a creative team that understands all aspects of post-production.

At Bolt Entertainment, we stand tall among other VFX companies when it comes to fitting visual effects into video production. Our vast knowledge and wealth of experience working with clients from various industries have equipped us with knowing the intricacies of video production and what will work best for our clients.

Our team of VFX technology experts will work with you to achieve amazing results with visual effects for video. Whatever budget you’ve set aside for your video production, our experts will develop a creative concept that will work best to enhance your brand’s story or your product.

So why not place your project in the hands of a creative agency that understands visual effects and creative ways to enhance your next video. We don’t just use visual effects for the fun of it, we ensure they serve a purpose and carry your story forward.

Our Visual Special Effects Services

From color grading to motion retouching, we offer a full range of visual effects services for your video. We will work with you to determine the kinds of visual effects that would work best for your project, and enhance your video.

Our Visual Effects Services include:

  • 2D Art/Animation
  • 3D Art/Animation
  • Camera/Object tracking
  • Color Grading
  • Compositing
  • Logo Design
  • Motion Graphics
  • Rig Removal
  • Set Extensions
  • Title Design