An Award Winning Video Production Company In Atlanta


An Award Winning Video Production Company In Atlanta
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Maserati | Tales from Our Soul


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Elevating Your Message With Premium Video Production

We deliver the Best Video Production Services in Atlanta, the results you crave, with the precision of a sharpened blade, and the power of a thunderbolt. Our Atlanta video production services are a weapon of mass persuasion, crafted with precision, powered by entertainment, and aimed to strike at the heart of your brand’s message.

Do not be content with the ordinary, with video production that fades into the market. Join us, and witness the power of premium video content. Whether you seek the  laughter of deadpan humor, or the explosive drama of action and adventure, we are the Atlanta Video Production Company  brands trust. Companies like Amazon, Mercedes, and Dell Technologies will attest to our attention to detail. Check out our landing page which also has links to the companies we provide services for as well as the clients we work with. 

We demand excellence. Your brand’s story will be brought to life with stunning visuals, captivating sound, and a touch of the Bolt Brand. With Bolt Entertainment, Atlanta Video Production experience will never be the same. Leave a lasting impression with your audience.

So answer the call, elevate your brand’s message with the best video production services in Atlanta. Call us today. Feel the difference.

Our creative video production team provides Atlanta Video Production Services including but without limit to:

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Concept And

Business Video Production icon

Commercial And Business Video Production

Feature Film Development Icon

Feature Film Development

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Live Action

Training videos Icon

Training videos

Branded Content Video Production Icon

Branded Content
Video Production

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Casting For Feature Film, Commercial And Television

Documentary Development Icon

Documentary Development

Script writing services Icon

Script writing services

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Animation and motion graphics

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Digital Video

Unscripted Development Icon

Unscripted Development And Production

Production For Television Icon

Production For Television

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Visual effects

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Virtual Reality

Astronaut film production set


The cameras are rolling, the lights are blazing, the scene is set. Welcome to the realm of Bolt Entertainment, where dreams become reality, and visions are transformed into cinema magic.

Our Atlanta production companies provide the best video production services in Atlanta. We maintain one of the best production studios in Atlanta, rising above the rest with our uncompromising commitment to quality.

From our work with Feature Films to aiding and assisting television shows, our comprehensive film and television production services will bring your vision to life on location or in our post production studios in Atlanta.

Step into the spotlight, take the stage, and bring your Atlanta video production vision to life with Bolt Entertainment.

Bring Your Commercial To Life With The Best Video Production Services In Atlanta

The lights are dimming, the whispers are hushed, the stage is yours. Welcome to the realm of Bolt Entertainment, where Atlanta Video Production becomes a masterpiece.

Are you tired of the dull and ordinary business video production Atlanta? Are you tired of Atlanta Production Companies that fail to stir the soul? Let us ignite the fire of creativity, and bring your vision to life with the best video production services in Atlanta. Our team of experts, armed with the latest technology and steeped in the lore of storytelling, will craft a commercial video that will capture your audience’s imagination and leave a lasting impression. Let’s set up a call so that we can learn more about you and the story you want to share with the world.

Whether you seek to promote a product, raise your profile, or share a message, we are masters of video production Atlanta. We can film at your business or at our Production Studios in Atlanta, conveniently located in Midtown. 

Join us, and experience the thrill of premium commercial video production. Contact us today, and see the difference we can make for you and your brand.

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