An Award Winning Video Production Company In Atlanta


An Award Winning Video Production Company In Atlanta
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We are Proud to Call Atlanta Home

Video Production Services

Most of our Atlanta video production services take place within 50 miles of Metropolitan Atlanta. That said, Bolt maintains Partnerships with industry leading creatives in Los Angeles, South America, Europe and Asia. This allows us to discuss global and hyper localized creative, then execute production in any country at a moment’s notice. 

Our Premium Video Production Services include:

Concept Development: Collaborating with clients to develop creative and strategic concepts.

Scriptwriting: Creating scripts or storyboards for videos, outlining the narrative, dialogue and visual elements.

Pre-Production: Planning and organizing all aspects of pre-production, Including scheduling, location scouting, Casting, and logistics.

Cinematography: Capturing high-quality video footage using professional cameras, lenses, and equipment.

Videography: Videography is a term we don’t often use. At its core, videography is the act of recording video footage on location or in a studio environment. We only offer Atlanta videographer services (single person camera operator jobs) and videographer services around the country to clients with whom we establish a long standing relationship with.

Directing: Overseeing the creative and technical aspects of the video shoot to ensure the desired vision is achieved.

Principal Photography: The primary phase of video production involving the actual filming of footage according to the script and creative direction.

Editing: Postproduction editing services to assemble footage, add music, Graphics, and special effects to create a cohesive final product.

Color grading: Enhancing and correcting the color of the video footage to achieve a desired visual look and feeling.

Sound design: Incorporating and optimizing audio elements, including music, Voice Over’s, and sound effects.

Motion Graphics: Creating animated elements or graphics to enhance visual appeal and convey information.

Animation: Developing animated videos or incorporating animation elements into live action videos.

Green screen services: Utilizing green screen technology to add virtual backgrounds or special a fax during post production.

Voiceover services: Recording and incorporating professional voice overs for narration or character dialogue.

Drone videography / Aerial Capture: Capturing aerial footage using drones to add dynamic and cinematic perspectives.

360° video production: Creating immersive 360° videos for virtual reality (VR) or interactive experiences.

Live event video Production: Recording and streaming live events, conferences, or performances.

Video marketing services: Assisting clients in developing strategies to promote and distribute their videos effectively.

Distribution services: Helping clients publish and distribute their videos on various platforms, including online streaming services and social media.

Training and educational videos: Producing videos for corporate training, educational purposes, or instructional content.

Documentary production: Creating documentary style videos, often involving research, interviews, and storytelling.

Commercial production: Producing videos for advertising and promotional purposes.

Corporate video production: Providing services Taylor for corporate clients, including internal communications, promotional videos, and training content.

Archiving and storage: Offering solutions for the storage, organization, and archival a video footage and project files.

Unleash creativity with Bolt Entertainment Production

When you choose Bolt Entertainment production, you’re not just choosing a service, you are engaging a creative juggernaut. Our team thrives on pushing creative boundaries, exploring innovative concepts, and delivering content that stands out. On any given day, you can find us creating ads for our Corporate video production clients or at our Atlanta Video Production Studio or  creating long form content for our Studio clients. We don’t take our reputation for the best video production services in Atlanta lightly. Step into a world where visual storytelling reigns supreme. At Bolt Entertainment video production, we understand the hunger for captivating content. Our team of expert storytellers creates narratives that not only surpass the best video production services in Atlanta, but position us among the best in the world. Some of our favorite Atlanta filming locations include:

Our strength and expertise in Atlanta Video and Film Production

As proud contributors to Atlanta’s vibrant business community, Bolt Entertainment video production brings unparalleled strength and expertise. From VFX for hit TV shows to shooting commercials for leading brands, our portfolio showcases a diverse range. Locals with a keen eye for Atlanta’s beauty, we know where to go to bring your story to life. Unlock the full potential of your production with the best Atlanta video production services company, Bolt Entertainment Production.

Our Video Production Advantage

As one of the top film production companies in Atlanta, Bolt Entertainment has a unique advantage over other local production companies. Our team of award-winning creatives has years of experience working with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. Whether it’s building out the VFX worlds for Game of Thrones, shooting content with the Atlanta Hawks, or creating unscripted content for E!, our extensive background in the industry gives us a unique perspective and knowledge that sets us apart.

Not only do we have the skills and expertise to bring your vision to life, but as locals, we also have an intimate understanding of the city and its best locations to capture content. This makes us the perfect choice for businesses looking to showcase the beauty and charm of Atlanta in their marketing materials.

At Bolt Entertainment, we believe that video production should not only reflect your business goals and marketing objectives but also maintain high-quality cinematography. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of production quality for your budget, ensuring that your brand stands out from the crowd.

In short, when it comes to video production in Atlanta, Bolt Entertainment offers a combination of experience, expertise, and passion that is unmatched by other local production companies. So, if you’re looking to create a powerful, compelling video that showcases your brand and reaches your target audience, look no further than Bolt Entertainment.

How can our Video Production Studio benefit you?

Say goodbye to the hassle of DIY filming and video production company letdowns. You deserve cinematic excellence. At Bolt Entertainment video production, we deliver nothing less. Our cinematographers don’t just capture moments, we curate cinematic experiences far superior to other production companies in Atlanta. We can say this because of the amount of work we’ve filmed for the world’s biggest brands and studios/distributors. The result is not merely a video, it’s a visual masterpiece that reflects the quality and professionalism Bolt Entertainment Production is known for. 

Most production companies in Atlanta do Corporate Video Production, industrials. We do Corporate video production about as well as any video production company in the world, but it’s our expertise in narrative work and long form content that earned the title of best video production services in Atlanta.  Embrace the local advantage with Bolt video production Atlanta GA. Our deep roots in Atlanta provide us with a unique understanding of the city’s culture and esthetics. We know the hidden gems of where to make the city look and feel like New York or Argentina. If you need to shoot close to the water, we have teams in Savannah, if you need a big city feel, we have best in class Video Production Atlanta GA. Moreover, our Video Production studio at Piedmont Park is one of the best Atlanta Post Production studios to fish Video Production Services. Whether you need to sit with us and develop your next Corporate Video Production, or simply sit with us through finishing an episodic, documentary or feature – we are here. Experience the best video production services in Atlanta.

Bolt Entertainment Video Production

At Bolt Entertainment, we fundamentally believe in deep connections forged between stories and their audience. Our passion is creating visual pieces of art that connect with targeted audiences with precision and impact. Our industry leading team takes the time to study each project, audience, and create video content that establishes a connection.

Bolt Entertainment Production goes beyond conventional video creation; it’s a journey of transforming your digital assets into an audible and visual masterpiece. By blending creativity with strategy, we elevate video production to an art form that not only engages but leaves a lasting impact.

Bolt Entertainment Atlanta Post Production Studio

Our commitment to the Atlanta Video Production community extends far beyond principal photography.

Our centrally located midtown post production suites were built to ensure the comfort of the world’s most accomplished creatives. Whether Advertising, Television or Film, our post production specialists ensure every frame exceeds expectations in a studio built to feel like an extension of home. Fully equipped with an executive screening room, story suites, 5.1 audio mixing, color finishing, a conference room, full kitchen and shower (for when you return from your Piedmont Park summer runs), our Atlanta Post Production Studio was built with high performing creatives in mind. Whether sitting in on a session, or renting the suites for your next feature, we have you covered. Time is valuable, and where you spend yours matters.

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