Live Action Stage of the Video Production Process.

Production gives life to everything, it is at this stage where concepts are brought together into a work of art. And it is in production where all our talent, industry standard equipment and facilities really outdo the competition.

The quality of the video relies heavily on the equipment used and that is why we have gone out of our way to acquire the very best that current technology can offer. We have industry leading high definition (HD) cameras, lenses, microphones, lighting kits, sliders, Steadicam rigs and many others to ensure that the video is of the highest quality possible.

More importantly however, it is the people involved in the production process that create the story, capture it and present it to the world. And that is why our true edge in the market is our talented and experienced team. Our producers, directors, cast, cameramen, technicians and designers are sourced from all over the country to create one of the best teams in video production.

If you want the best then get the best team to do it for you. Contact us for your next creative project.

                                                           ♦ Directing                                                     Cinematography                                              Lighting

                                                          ♦ Equipment                                                   Videography                                                     Facilities

                                                          ♦ Recording                                                     Filming