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Jill Stuart | Eye Wear


Red Bull | World of Red Bull




Volkswagen | Ready to Rumble


Moschino | All the things you love


Veet | Gen Z


June’s Journey | Camouflage


Maserati | What drives you


Banlieue | Luxury Grime


T-Mobile | Fearless


Virgin America | Price Matching


Audi | Superstitions


DDCWV | Golf


Red Bull | Mirror Park


Fanta | Fanta Ways to Drink Fanta


NBPA | Atlanta Hawks


Maserati | QP GTS


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Video Production for Advertising Agencies

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From the concept phase all the way through a screen-ready script, our creative team and extended network of writers can assist you or take the lead.

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Pre-production is essential for filming videos for businesses as it allows us to plan, organize, optimize resources, define the creative vision, foster collaboration, and mitigate risk. By investing time and effort in this phase, businesses can set a solid foundation for a well-executed and impactful video that effectively serves marketing and communication goals. Some of the things we tackle in the preproduction phase are (Development, Budgeting, Equipment Rentals, Writing, Casting, Location Scout, Tech Scout, Storyboarding, Shotlist, and Crew up)

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Once the production phase starts, the actual filming takes place and we bring your creative vision to life transforming an idea, into a compelling visual story. This includes setting up scenes, directing actors, capturing footage, and ensuring technical aspects like lighting and sound are properly executed. Throughout the process, effective coordination, communication, and creative decision-making are essential to bring the vision to life and create a captivating product that resonates with the audience.

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Post-production is important for businesses shooting videos as it refines the footage, shapes the narrative, incorporates branding elements, fine-tunes audio, optimizes it for distribution platforms, allows for iterative feedback and revisions, and adds call-to-action elements. It is a critical phase that adds the finishing touches, enhances the videos, and impact, and ensures it effectively serves its intended strategic purpose. Our post-production studio is conveniently located in Midtown at Piedmont Park and it’s where you can find us (Editing, Color Grading, Audio Post, VFX, Graphics and Titles, Music and Sound Effects, Titling and subtitling, Quality Control, and Proofing, Exporting, and Formatting, Feedback and Revisions, Final Delivery)

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Animation provides businesses with a versatile and visually captivating, medium, to convey information, entertain, and engage their target audience. Whether it’s for branding, marketing, training, data, visualization, or animation, offers creative opportunities to make an impact, and stand out in a competitive market. Whether you are in need of explainer videos or would like to use animation for training and educational purposes, we have you covered.

Our ultimate goal was simple:

Bring the best crew together that work on the world’s biggest projects. This simplicity separates us from every other company in the market – full stop.
Pirates of the Caribbean
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Video Production Services
We are built to redefine it.

As a market leader in the heart of the worlds premiere destination for feature films, we bring together the most battle tested and visionary teams ever assembled. Our track record speaks volumes, earning us the unwavering trust of prestigious Brands and revered Film Studios worldwide.
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