Casting Talent. Secrets To Every Successful Commercial or Broadcast Video Production

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Casting Talent. Secrets To Every Successful Commercial or Broadcast Video Production

Every Brand Wants To Shoot A Successful Commercial Or Video Asset. Casting Talent From A Reputable Talent Agency Or Talent Management Company Can Make Or Break Your Commercial Video Production.


Actors reading their scripts on stage
Actors reading their scripts on stage in the theatre


Today’s successful company’s marketing efforts are often grounded with a solid base of internet marketing. In this digital age, digital videos move the needle when it comes to customer engagement. So it is only natural to produce corporate and commercial videos to help tell your brand’s story. You can go about this a number of different ways. The most popular, albeit the most expensive, is hiring a group of trained professionals to tell your brand’s story. Union commercial actors can cost a production anywhere from $1,000 to more than $100,000 (a piece) depending on the type of commercial being shot. One of the most famous questions is ‘How much does it take to shoot a commercial?’ And the truth is, it depends. For more information regarding the cost of a commercial, read this article. In short, the larger the ad buy, the more you have to pay talent…for union commercials. As you can imagine, the bottom line adds up quickly.


talent host sitting on a couch


If you don’t quite have the budget to pay trained actors, you can always pull in the company CEO, or employees to tape a more ‘down to earth’ and relate-able story. Today, especially on social media, consumers like to associate people with brands. They buy into your story, and once they connect with you, they connect with what you are selling.

Advantages of hiring professional actors


The biggest advantage of hiring a trained actor is that you can guarantee the talent will be calm, confident and deliver your brands’ message in a way that is relatable and well received. If you or your team have not been on camera before, it can be unsettling when all of the lights and cameras are pointed at you. Trained professionals will be able to deliver your message, and make adjustments along the way.


Actors standing in a group


There are also professionals cues an actor will know and understand once on a production set. Actors know their mark, actors know how to find the light, actors know how to present themselves and manipulate voice tonality and body language, eye contact, and pacing. Trained talent know how to breathe, and deliver.

Where to find professional actors


Every major city has talent agencies and talent management companies.


The best way to find reputable ones are by contacting your local SAG office or simply using a google search. Look at each company’s reviews. If any company has less then a 4.0 review, I would advise against contacting them. If you are on a budget and can’t hire a professional talent with representation, Google is a great resource. There are multiple platforms that host profiles of aspiring talent that are actually really good. We have found great talent on a few of them. If you are in need of great talent for your next commercial production, contact us, we are happy to lend a hand.

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