How To Get Started in Professional Video Production Using Social Media

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How To Get Started in Professional Video Production Using Social Media

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Video Production is the most exciting industry in the world. Your favorite movies, television shows, and documentaries would not be possible without it. Media dominates the internet and by the year 2021, more than 82% of internet traffic will be video.

So how does one get started in professional Video Production? I have great news! It has never been easier to get started, and in this article, we will let you know exactly how and why Social Media is an amazing platform that can launch your career.

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How to get started in Professional Video Production


It’s easy to just jump right in and start sharing your work, but before you start posting videos about how awesome your work is, you should know how people find your work first. Everything you see on social channels is considered the front end of the website/channel. Pictures, videos, memes, etc. Underneath all of the content, behind all of the shares and reposts – there is a mountain of code and at the end of the day, an algorithm. I know this isn’t math class so let’s keep it simple!

This algorithm sorts through all of the data attached to your media assets. Your images and videos are more than just a picture or a video. They are full of data. The location the asset was shot or filmed, the time, and meta information. Once you post your assets, hashtags are what groups your work together and set your work apart from the rest of your competition. Hashtags are the most talked about on Instagram, but when you use hashtags across all of your social channels, and those hashtags are consistent, algorithms pick up on your continuity and this can help people find your awesome work. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about the social channels creatives use most to get discovered.



Youtube is 100% the most popular platform where creative talent can be discovered. For starters, youtube does not have time restrictions like most other platforms. You can share an uninterrupted hour-long feature film if you would like. If you choose to take that route, make sure you use hashtags.

As mentioned in the previous section, hashtags help the algorithm understand what your content is about and eventually put your media assets in front of people who show an interest in seeing that type of content. If you post a video about Basketball in Atlanta, you will want to use the hashtags #Atlanta & #Basketball. You can take it one step further by using #urbanbasketball or #atlantabasketball or #leaguebasketball depending on where you shot your material and the type of person you want to see your videos.



There is a reason we have the saying Insta-famous. It’s become a term of endearment for those brave enough and smart enough to market and brand themselves across this social media platform. Instagram is such a powerful tool that Hollywood’s biggest talent agencies have special divisions built to capitalize on the marketing reach of this platform.

All of this is nice, but if you don’t know how to utilize its power, you are just sharing videos and no one will know how to find you. As mentioned before, hashtags are super important. Using the same example from the Youtube section – If you take images and video of Basketball players in Atlanta. You should use the same hashtags so that viewers interested in Basketball will be able to find your content.

Instagram is it’s own Universe and to fully take advantage of Instagram’s reach, you should also take advantage of Instagram’s paid marketing. For more information on Advertising on Instagram, make sure to click the hotlink.




Vimeo is the platform of choice for more established content creators. Creatives find it easier to upload videos and less cluttered. At the end of the day, it’s just a cleaner looking platform and when you embed the files on your own website, Vimeo’s proprietary buttons are cleaner.

That being said, once you load your video’s into Vimeo, instead of having hashtags, you have what is referred to as TAGs. Tags can be created under the distribution section. Make sure to not add more than 20 tags. If you do, you will hurt your marketing efforts instead of helping them reach the intended audience.

Grow your brand

Keep creating content. Keep studying How to start a Video Production Business. The more you know, the better equipped you become. Don’t wait for anyone to give you a shot. Create something cool, share it with the rest of the world through the social channels mentioned above and make sure you use hashtags. Do this and I guarantee you will be well on your way for someone like us at Bolt Entertainment to find you.

Who knows, maybe we will give you a shot.

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