What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality (VR) is the most interactive and exciting way of experiencing anything, anytime, anywhere. The latest technologies in virtual reality have paved the way for new discoveries in the world of healthcare, gaming, entertainment, film, TV, education, and communication in general. This is good news for your brand! You can now harness the immense possibilities of virtual reality to project your brand and project with immersive VR content.

With headphones, head-mounted displays, multi-projected environments, and hand controllers, viewers are transported to another environment for a fully immersive and interactive experience.


VR video production is the future of content. So join the moving train today and make the most of it.

Bolt Entertainment offers innovative VR video solutions using the latest advances in the VR space; VR cameras, VR video production and VR post-production processes.

Don’t be left behind. Partner with our VR video production team and exploit the power of virtual reality technology for your business.

VR & 360 Video Production

360° video is one of the most powerful and engaging content formats.

Transport viewers to the center of a plot, for a highly immersive experience of a real-world event or fictional scene. Social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube support 360° video formats, giving this form of VR content great potential to reach a large audience.

We make use of the latest technology and innovations in the industry to bring creative ideas to life. We combine the craft of storytelling and filmmaking with technical 360 content productions, to deliver incredible VR experiences.

What We Do

Exceptional VR & 360 Video Production

From pre-production, we begin by merging the craft of storytelling and filmmaking with technical 360 video storytelling to deliver incredible VR experiences.

At Bolt Entertainment, we have a team of in-house VR directors, filmmakers, producers, camera technicians, sound engineers, and post-production specialists, whose sole mission is to provide immersive, high-quality VR experiences & 360° video content.

We offer concept-driven end-to-end video production services to create best-in-class cinematic VR experience. From concept development to video pre-production, video production, stitching, virtual reality apps for Android and delivery.

Our team will create the story behind the experience, produce it, and provide the necessary equipment and knowledge to deliver it to your customers, and if necessary, stream video live.