Virtual reality has gained speed in mainstream media the last three to four years. It’s the shiny new toy everyone can completely immerse themselves in. Legitimately. If you love gaming, if you love being taken away to foreign and strange new places, this is something you want to try. So what is Virtual Reality, exactly?

Virtual Reality is an immersive digital experience that takes place inside a simulated environment that can be similar or completely different from the real world.

Users wear a headset which completely covers their eyes, and realistic images are projected that simulate physical presence in a virtual environment. While interacting within the virtual environment, one has the ability to look and move around the artificial world and interact with virtual items.

Practical Applications

Today, VR is most commonly used for entertainment purposes. Gaming or 3D cinema. However, the technology is beginning to find a place in the professional world.

Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy (VRET) was introduced to help patients overcome anxiety disorders and phobias. If you are scared of spiders, one can be introduced to spiders in a virtual setting. Life is all about experiences. Real or digital, it’s the experience. The wow factor. The feeling of being happy and engaged physically or synthetically/digitally brings us joy. In the near future, VR will change the way we communicate with each other, it is the future.

Building Virtual Worlds

The framework of building a virtual world is similar to building a digital world through VFX. As a post-production studio in Atlanta, GA we revel at all opportunities to create worlds, and our head of VFX built one of the most impressive worlds to date on HBO’s, Game of Thrones. Building worlds in 3-D space is all about tracking and compositing. When you walk through environments in VR, the world adjusts. It’s what makes the experience feel reel. For more information regarding how you can Experience a digital world through Virtual Reality Videos, make sure to real our article about this.

360 Video

360 Video is something of a close cousin to VR. VR is typically a synthetic world. Think of it like playing a video game, but being inside the video game instead. 360 video production is being immersed in the real world using a 360 video camera to record the space. At the moment, 12K is the highest quality 360 camera available to consumers. This is still not strong enough to make the 360 experience believable. For more information about Virtual Reality and 360 Video Production, read this article.

If you are interested in building Virtual Worlds consider going to art school like SCAD. If you already have the know-how, CONTACT us. It’s our passion.