Top 5 Compelling Business Video Ideas

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Top 5 Compelling Business Video Ideas

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To get your brand into the market and land to a potential client, you need to apply marketing techniques. One of the most effective methods is through marketing videos. Almost 90% of customers state that video can help a person make decisions quicker and gives them a sense of satisfaction. So why not use this impressive technique in building up your brand or company?

Here are our top 5 business video strategies to create compelling videos that can strengthen your business.

1. Product demonstration


The best way to get started in the business video is to create one which demonstrates all the features in your product. The video should explain ways your product may be used, and how it benefits the buyer. Another great is to pay a social media influencer which has many followers to make a review of your product or your company’s business offerings. Customers are more likely to spend on products that are recommended by known figures.

2. Social media Ads


It takes about 3 seconds to capture a customer’s attention. Therefore, create attention grabbing feature at the start of the video. This should be a short 10-second video to market on social media Ads such as Instagram or Facebook will have a higher click rate and eventually higher sales. Make sure it covers all the services or features that might interest the viewer into a more compelling approach.

3. Customer Review


Creating a video that showcases the customer’s experience or testimonials will increase the buyer’s confidence in making a choice. A survey conducted by Nielsen study in 2015 showed that 66% of the buyers trust other customer’s reviews and recommendations. That is because creating videos of a customer’s experience will create a belief for the potential customer that they will get the same experience.

4. Company overview


Creating a video about your brand is a powerful way to show viewers the reason it started, inspire an opportunity to build trust, and potentially win a new customer. For example, the technology company Apple included founder partner Steve Jobs in their videos describing interesting features and ease of use of their computers. This method showed the vast difference between their offerings from their marketplace competitors.

5. Emphasize Value


To generate sales, you need to emphasize the features of the product that can fix the problem. Highlighting the problem first and then providing the solution can help the buyer realize the issues he faces. Creating problem-related questions at the start of your video and implementing it into a storyline will capture the imagination of your viewers and increase their desire to watch the entire video. This is a great way to build awareness of the challenges they face and provide a possible solution that can help them avoid or eliminate them.

Here at Bolt Entertainment, we create various business videos that attract potential customers and increase the click-through rate. We provide ideas that add value and fulfill our client requirements every step to ensure their success. To learn more or collaborate, contact us at any time. We love figuring out production solutions and creating video assets to help businesses grow.

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