Top Atlanta Video Production Insights

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Top Atlanta Video Production Insights

Producing Video Content In Atlanta Should Always Be Fun. . .

and when you work with the right video production company it will be. Of course you have to consider the quality of work each production company produces, their knowledge of the landscape and crew within the marketplace, but you also need to understand that Atlanta is a major market so finding a company that excels in all facets of production will be the biggest key to your success.

Atlanta Is A MAJOR Market For Commercial, Film And Television Production


When shooting major productions in any of these categories, talent and casting are key. A number of great talent agencies exist. Two of the biggest are People Store and Bolt Entertainment. If you are an ad agency, it is likely you will utilize a casting agency. A few of the biggest in the marketplace are Pierre Casting, Big Picture Casting, Fincannon & Associates and Tracy Kilpatrick. If you are not quite ready to produce a big budget project, keep in mind that talent can make or break you project, so try to find local talent that will compliment the story your project tells.


Regardless if you are shooting in Alpharetta, Atlanta or Macon, Georgia, you will need to acquire a shooting permit if you plan to shoot out in the public. These permits range in pricing starting out at around $200 and increase due to your production needs. If you need to lock down a sidewalk, you may be able to handle blocking off pedestrian foot traffic with your PA’s, but if you need to block off city streets, you will will need to hire off duty police officers. As you can imagine, prices increase due to your production needs and how they may inconvenience day to day civilian life. For each city you shoot in, you will need to contact the Mayors office and inquire about a permit. Some, like the City of Atlanta, have online portals where you can fill our pertinent information and receive a permit within 24 hours.



Traffic in Atlanta has gotten OUT OF CONTROL. Before the industry boom, you could drive through the city at a decent pace at 4:30pm on a Wednesday. Now, with seven lanes going North and seven lanes going South, with a grand total of 14 lanes going through the city, you can’t drive through the city on 75/85 without bumper to bumper traffic at 2 pm on a Sunday. Where ever you production takes you, make sure you give yourself ample time to get where you need to go. Traffic is a nightmare. Make sure you contact a true Atlanta Production company like Bolt Entertainment for all your Georgia production needs.


Atlanta has tons of popular places to visit and things to do. The Georgia Aquarium spans more then 13 acres and houses more then 100,000 animals all residing in 10M gallons of marine and salt water. It’s a phenomenal backdrop that can add a lot in production value. We won’t give up all our location secrets, but at Bolt, we like to make sure everything shooting in Atlanta shines like a diamond. If you get a chance, check out Underground Atlanta. It’s a fantastic indoor shopping facility with a dark world feeling. Sort of New Orleans grunge meets clean New York streets, but covered, underground. If your budget can manage it, you can build a self contained world on any two of five sections tucked away on Underground’s property. Walk it. If you have an eye, you will know exactly what I am talking about. . .and once you find them, give us a call, we literally have hundred of little gems because this is our city.

If you are new to the search for how to choose a great video production partner in Atlanta, read these articles, they are sure to provide additional insight.

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As a general rule, this article will give you more insight on how to deal with video production companies for the first time. Whether you are looking to shoot a short film in Atlanta or a commercial, contact us today – we have you covered.

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