Video Marketing should be at the epicenter, the core of every company’s marketing efforts.

Whether you have a product or a service, you need to get the word to the public. Video marketing is the best way to do this

Let us for a moment start with a very simple question. As an entrepreneur, this is one you should have answered very early. How easy is it for your customers to both find you and buy from you?

I can not answer that question for you but I can tell you that making it easy is going to make your life easy. Do you want to constantly find customers or do you want your customers to find you?.  Doing this is not difficult, however, you must have a simple and thorough plan. No one wants a difficult search to find exactly what they are looking for.

I am sure you have heard this many times before, but if you have not, the path calculated to chaperon prospects to becoming customers is paved with great video production. Video production engages the masses whereas the written word does not. People are on a time crunch. There are too many things to do, and not enough time. This is where Video Marketing comes into play. Not only does your video need to be shot by a professional production company, it also needs to have an engaging story that speaks to a variety of your prospective audience so potential buyers become loyal customers.

The battle for consumer attention is on and more and more competitors are entering the marketplace. Video Marketing that is both effective and engaging has higher potential to resonate with your consumer base and be shared across the digital landscape and become viral. This is what you are aiming for. Having your Videos work hard for you and get the word out about your products and services.

In the beginning, your prospects know very little about you, your products and the services you offer so the best way to start the journey is to get their attention. Your videos will attract a customer to your company’s digital platforms through Facebook, YouTube, Google Ads. There are several platforms for you to market your videos and drive customers to you. Remember, this is what you want. . .customers finding YOU.

If people like what you created, that is the start of your marketing relationship with your target audience. Whether you are pointing our a need or problem they need to be solved, your goal is to make their lives easier and provide what they desire most. Some companies do this by making a need for a product

and then offering a solution by introducing that product in the market and

marketing it using tools like video production.

now the buyers know who you are and what you are offering, the next step is a buyer’s journey.  What do your shopping/buying experiences look like? Do you have a website? Are your products easy to find on your landing page, or in your menu bar? Do you have an explainer video or perhaps a product video on your homepage that shows the look and feel of the company your potential buyers saw on one of your Video marketing ads? Your brand message must be consistent.

Your primary goal here is to convince the consumer you are the answer to all of their problems, that you have exactly what they came to your website for, to begin with. Pack what you are giving them with value and make sure what you offer is comparable or better then everything else on the market.  Provide superior value, and next, you will get what you really want, their contact information. Once you have that, you can continue to market to people that constantly want what you are selling. Once you have their trust, It’ll be easy for them to share their information with you. If your products and services are explained in a video, it will make your life easy. Customers tend to ask the same questions, so make sure you address all of the typical questions up front in your video marketing and things will go smooth.

Now that the customer is on your site, you will want to create funnels to answer their questions. These questions become more specific. If you are selling vitamins, maybe one customer is looking for Vitamin C. How does your Vitamic C differ from your competitors? You should have videos that answer several questions on your site. The more your videos explain on your site, the less you will have to answer on the phone. If you are lucky, maybe you have a bot that answers general questions as well.

Your customers are also going to look at your digital channels for social proof. Have your prior customers give testimonials and put those on your website so that potential customers read what you have to say as well as what people that have already purchased from you are saying about you. There is great value in having other people talk about you instead of having you talk about yourself.  Include product reviews and performance reviews as part of your video marketing campaigns so perspective and potential customers have zero doubt in your ability to deliver.

What happens next is not the most ideal for you, but it is inevitable. The consumer will start to consume content from all of your competitors, It’s the nature of the best. Your competitors offer similar services, maybe they are a bit better, maybe they have been in business longer. If so, maybe they are not as equipped for the digital marketing age. You must constantly find your competitive edge. Make sure your videos are the most informative, this can be your advantage.

How-to videos, product videos, explainer videos, make sure your videos are thorough and this will work in your favor. Your video will educate them about the things offered in the product or service and show people what they are signing up for whereas your competitors are likely not as thorough.

Years ago, collecting data on your customers was done by your inbound and our bound sales force. Today, int he world of digital video marketing, everything is online. You have done all of the research, you have created the marketing videos you need. You have the right videos online and the consumer is digesting the material. Now you should make sure you have a funnel to convert them. If they decide to become your customer. That’s great!

You should show appreciation right away and send an email in appreciation. A simple Thank You will go a long way and you should also take this time to let your new customer know what is coming next and how blogs/articles you send them will benefit them.

Congratulations, now that you have a new customer on board, you can take the relationship to the next level. Make sure you add them to your company’s CRM and project what they may need in the future. It is always more difficult to find a new client than to keep one. You may also want to feature them in one of your recommendation videos. These details make the difference between a new customer going with you, or with the competition.

 Do you offer something that your competitors do not? If so, make sure to mention it on your website. It is what separates you from the competition.

First impressions are important. Make sure your video marketing is clean, clear and to the point. No one has time to spare on fluff. Hire a great production company to ensure your marketing material is on point. It may cost you a bit upfront. Not hiring a professional production company to shoot your video marketing campaigns will cost you a lot more in the long run.

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