Video Production Price Packages | 2020

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Video Production Price Packages | 2020

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Video Production Prices Packages can be very different from one production company to the next.  Where some production companies in Atlanta may charge $2,500 as an introductory price, others start closer to $35,000.  Our top three video production price packages are listed below.

Entry Level Package


The average corporate video for a local business typically costs $10,000.  These are videos that companies shoot and use on their website or some form of digital marketing (youtube pre-roll, facebook ads, social media marketing).  Companies can expect to receive up to 2 minutes of a custom video marketing tool to promote their business and the goods/services they offer.  We send out a 2-3 member crew along with a small 4K mirror less camera, minimal light and grip package to capture the story we need to share with your audience on location.  Productions at this introductory rate are filmed in one location, typically your office or our studio.

Mid Level Package



If your production needs a bit more story that involves actors, 2d animation, titles, creative, the next level business video starts at $25,000.  If you look at a well shot commercial, besides the look of the commercial, what stands out the most are its actors.  Actors can make or break a commercial.  Have you ever seen a commercial for a local law firm that was completely cringe worthy?  Of course you have.  One of the reasons why it was so bad was because the on camera talent (the attorney), has no real training to be in front of the camera.  So if you want a professional commercial, one of the first places to look into is hiring professional actors.  Hiring actors is not cheap, and is one of the reasons for a large increase in cost.  When production companies have to hire actors, we have to hire more crew.  For this type of project, we will arrive on set with a crew of 5-7, a bigger camera, light and grip package.

Commercial Video Production


These are videos that air on television.  These projects start at $75,000.  The truth is, the average project we shoot for brands costs $200,000.  $75,000 covers cameras, crew, locations and equipment.  $75,000 may sound like alot of money to spend on a commercial but when you are sharing your brand message with the masses, you want to produce the best commercial possible.  Instead of shooting with a $5K camera, we film with $90K camera.  Instead of our in house director, we fly in one of our directors that shoots for Lamborghini or Adidas.  Instead of a $9K lighting kit, we bring in a 3 ton grip truck with $100K light kit and film with another $100K worth of lenses.

Whether you are a local company looking to shoot your first marketing video or a Fortune 500 company in need of a polished global brand message, we have you covered.  From Corporate productions for Verizon to Global campaigns for Maserati, we have done it all.  Before you choose your next video production partner, make sure you do your research.  Not all companies are created equal.  If you are interested in getting your brand’s message out to the public, give us a call, we love talking video production, and we love seeing companies take their business to the next level.

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