What Do Commercial Video Production Companies Do?

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What Do Commercial Video Production Companies Do?

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If you want to know what commercial video production companies actually do, you have come to the right place.


What Do Commercial Video Production Companies Do?


It’s fairly simple. Video Production companies shoot video. When Video Production companies produce content used to promote a brand’s product or service, it is referred to as commercial video production. Commercial video production companies plan, film and edit video assets which act as teasers specifically designed to grab the attention of a potential audience, garner their interests and get them excited about a brand’s product or service. Our Commercial Video Production in Atlanta ranks among the best in the city.

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Where do these videos go?

Video assets are then distributed across various platforms, linear and digital, for everyone to enjoy. These video assets, commonly referred to as advertisements, have a large impact on the overall brand image perceived by consumers and in turn trigger consumer spending. For brands who hire production companies, this justifies the marketing spend and in turn, generates a return on investment. Content which video production companies shoot typically ends up in one of three locations. The first location which we all are familiar with is on the television. During the super bowl, we all love to watch these extremely funny commercials. This is the coup de gras. Each television typically costs more than $1M to shoot and for 30 seconds of air time, it costs an additional $1M. But, in turn, commercial video production:

● Increases Sales
● Generates media interest
● Increases brand awareness

At Bolt Entertainment we create video assets for some of the world’s most famous brands. First, we organize a call to understand the scope of work and message a brand wants to convey. No two commercials are ever the same, each has a unique feel and tone. This needs to be figured out in the discovery stage. This happens long before pre-production.

The second most popular place where you will find the work of video production companies is on non-linear platforms or the internet.


Social media is quickly becoming a popular destination for commercial videos and branded content.


Branded video content is a style of video used by brands and video production companies for advertising or marketing. It is used in transforming and supporting traditional media and improving its contents into a better one. If you look at our home page, you will see a Movistar commercial. In the commercial is one of the world’s top soccer teams, Real Madrid, and R2D2 from Star Wars. Movistar uses the popularity of Soccer and Star Wars to increase its brand. These types of co-branding videos have proven to increase a company’s reach, engagement, and conversion as it involves the creation of a content linked to the brand and gives room for the audience to make the connection. Other special features and benefits in branded video contents are:

● Highly effectiveness and outperforms of advertisements
● Improving the position of the brand
● Promoting traffic and leads
● Creating outstanding trust and credibility
● Strengthening the voice of the brand
● Generating an emotional connection with the brand and many more.


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