5 major reason why Video Marketing Is So helpful:

  1. Boosts product responsiveness
  1. Builds perception that you are a leader
  1. Incites accomplishment
  1. Generates commitment
  1. Gives the people visual stimulation they want


If you haven’t noticed by now, video production is the powerhouse of its industry. In 2018, over 75% of all internet traffic was video content – and that percentage is still mountaineering because of the amount of users present on the internet. It’s estimated that over 60% of the world’s internet users watch videos online every day. Though written articles still get plenty of clicks, data shows that video traffic far surpasses all other forms. Saying video is trending up would be a gross understatement. A lot of people prefer videos to be a better form of communication as compared to any other form like blogs or pictures. Videos are fast and they get the message across way easier with the help of audio and visuals.

Needless to say, if you’re not putting marketing efforts toward the creation of video content, you are behind the times. The way that the people are responding to the video content these days, every group must make full use of this recourse. The absence of a video marketing strategy means you’re leaving so much on the table in terms of audience engagement, social media influence, and much more.

Why is video marketing so effective? Why does it carry so much weight when it comes to modern business success?

Boosts Product Responsiveness

How important is successful branding to a business owner? It’s not just important. It’s very important. And video marketing is the BEST way to increase awareness of your brand. Through video you easily answer all the questions your demographic is asking, you can share testimonials from existing customers, and tell your story. Reviews are the most effective way of customer acquisition as this develops a sense of trust in the mind of the consumer. On top of all that, the world can hear your voice and/or see your face as you’re doing all these things, making everything much more unforgettable for them.

Through video, you pull back the curtain, revealing the personality behind the brand. It humanizes your brand and allows them to really feel the passion you have for what you do. They get a taste of the culture inside your organization. All of this builds something you absolutely have to have with your customers: trust. Bring transparency and authenticity to your message with video and put your heart and soul into your video.

When you upload quality video content, your brand has the potential to reach an infinite amount of people. There’s simply no better way to get in front of your audience than original videos. And that’s the ideally set bar because the more you reach, the better it is for the company because if one person likes your content, they will share it with others hence building your consumer market.


Makes You A Leader

You feel like an authority in your field. But your potential customers aren’t automatically going to view you and your brand that way. You’ve got to prove to them that you are an experienced and trustworthy voice worth listening to. There’s something about well-made video content that instantly legitimizes you. When the public views your material, in their minds you have automatically entered the ring as an industry thought-leader, simply by having video content.

Now add to that video that actually educates them, solves their problems, and inspires them and you’ve got a winning recipe for being viewed as an expert. Video education is the most effective form of making people aware of your product or your brand image because that’s the closest thing that they can be impacted by.

Incites Accomplishment

When it comes to conversions, video is essential. Recent data shows that almost 70% of people are more likely to buy a product or sign up for something when they can watch a video about it first. The legitimizing nature of video content accompanying a product or service is in play here. But it also works because a call-to-action in a video is so good at being direct, compelling, quick, and memorable. Sales always get a boost with video content. Most people are most likely to browse through your website right after watching a video about it because they would be moved by the message you are spreading especially it is a niche marketing strategy. Human beings are very emotionally driven, and the videos they watch define who they are so if the video produced discusses an issue at hand that can gain the sympathy of the viewers, it is most preferred because it holds ground closer to their hearts..

Generates commitment

One particular aspect of video marketing that’s becoming more popular is live streaming. This is because of the great ROI companies receiving when dedicating time to this. Three times as many people spend time watching live video than they did only a few years ago. Apps that allow live streaming (Periscope, Instagram, Facebook) are generating huge amounts of engagement.

By live streaming with your audience, you’re offering them real-time opportunities to interact with you which do wonders for trust-building. Trust is the most important thing between customer acquisition and customer loyalty. There are multiple reasons you might want to live stream; report breaking news, give a behind-the-scenes look at something relevant, or do a Q&A session, for example. Live streaming is a fantastic way to truly allow your customers to connect with your brand.

Give the people what they want

YouTube gets more daily views on their video content than Facebook. Behind Google, YouTube is the most visited website in the world. If that’s where everyone is, why wouldn’t you make an effort to be there too? One of the basic strategies that can be followed is that if customers are coming to you, take your product to the customers.

Recent polls revealed that, when thinking about buying a product, almost 5 times more people prefer viewing a video about it rather than reading about it. This shouldn’t be a surprise. A video lets them see it instead of imagining it. The benefits and features can be demonstrated right then and there. Science has also concluded that our brains understand and retain visual information faster and easier than written information. No wonder people gravitate to video more than anything else.