Do you want to increase your sales in a short amount of time?

Did you know that 90% of your sales can come through the way you market your video?

As the internet realm progresses, statistics have shown that video accounts for 82% of internet traffic. So why not take advantage of the facts and create a video that can grab your customer’s attention?

Here are the top 5 compelling business video ideas that can help generate more sales.

1- Confidence in the product

Imagine yourself as a customer and you are thinking to get a new phone or dress online. Since the internet offer variety of options, wouldn’t you search about the product from A-Z? Wouldn’t you want to imagine how it feels holding it?

This can only be possible when you watch a video about it. Video gives a feeling of satisfaction on a product and your mind immediately falls for it. That’s how captivating a video can turn your customer’s desires and trust in getting the product.

2- Service features

Many customers are always in a hurry and lack interest in reading out boring written features on a product. Videos can turn that mindset into something interesting without the need to search about it. A carefully planned 10sec video is enough to let a customer know what your product or service is, it can also answer all their questions. Once you hit that point of responding to all their problems, that’s where you can observe your sales rising.

3- A wider audience

Once your video is interesting and creative, many people on the internet will voluntarily share it for you. That is a great way to reach the audience from different regions or outside countries. This will help build up your reputation worldwide and, of course, your SALES. Once you narrow down the audience you want to target, they will share the same video to their circle and the chain goes on. This will double down your company’s trust down the line, as individuals prefer recommendations by friends or families sharing your video to them. You just sit home and let you’re demographic go up.

4- SEO Ranking

What’s better than getting your website on top of the google search engine? For that you need videos, the more people spend time on your site the better your ranking. For that reason, create 2-3 videos for the home page or link videos for a customer to check out your product. Remember, the more they spend time on it, is directly proportional to your sales and SEO ranking.

5- Be innovative

Your video is your marketer, which means you need to create an interesting storyline, product features, or funny scenes. Target emotions, then add the solution and comfort to that problem. There are a million methods to create marketing videos, the key lies in creating an engaging video that will remain in your customer’s mind.

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