Interested in Production Services from the best Production Companies in Atlanta?

Bolt Entertainment’s video production creatives have won awards across the globe and have proudly served the Atlanta business community for years. We are one of the top film production companies in Atlanta working with TV Networks, Film Studios, Musicians, Advertising Agencies, Businesses and Digital Marketers across the globe.

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Video and film production companies in Atlanta have come a long way.  As the Atlanta Entertainment industry became a smart option for producers looking to take advantage of our tax incentive, many of the best video production companies as well as Production Service companies migrated to Georgia.   Hooray!  Now more than ever, production services we offer in house, streamline the process to help clients effectively communicate brand messaging to target audiences.  No matter your needs, we have the capability to develop, produce and deliver content while providing a seamless “one stop shop” process through the entire production chain.

Have a video project in mind?  Give us a call at 404-913-9001.

Our creative video production team provides cost-effective production service to clients including:

  • Concept and development
  • Branded content video production
  • Digital video production
  • Post production services
  • Commercial and business video production
  • Live Action
  • Unscripted development and production
  • Feature film development
  • Documentary Development
  • Production for television
  • Casting for feature film, commercial and television
  • Script writing services
  • Visual effects
  • Training videos
  • Animation and motion graphics

When privacy and convenience are important.  Here are our favorite three major studios:

  1.  Tyler Perry Studios

    Tyler Perry Studios

    Tyler Perry Studios

    Home to Atlanta’s creative Juggernaut Tyler Perry, Tyler Perry Studios is 330 acres of creative heaven.  The Property boasts 12 sound stages ranging from 10K to nearly 40K sq/ft and several backlots.  If you need room for a large production, this is the ideal studio for all of your filming needs.
  2.  Areu Bros Studios
    Serving as the Home Base of choice for several international productions, Areu Bros Studios allows productions interested in being in close proximity to downtown Atlanta, yet far away enough to dodge rush hour traffic.  Areu Bros has 60 acres, 5 Sound Stages and a residential backlot.
  3.  Screen Gems Studios
    Sitting just on Atlanta’s outskirts is Screen Gems Studios.  It looks like a typical Hollywood studio lot and we lot the feeling or working there.  Just around the corner from Tyler Perry and Areu Bros, Screen Gems boasts 11 sound stages on 33 acres.

Other great facilities with sound stages near Atlanta include Blackhall Studios, and Pinewood which has recently rebranded to Trilith.  In addition to their sound stages, these Film Studios also run divisions for their internal Film production companies.

Visual storytelling for a content hungry world.

Story and video is and will always be your strongest asset when it comes to promotion and marketing.  No other marketing tools have the power to influence and motivate an audience.

Our production services and story development directly reflect your business goals and marketing objectives, while maintaining cinematic elements to provide the most production quality for your budget.

Our strength and expertise in Atlanta Video and Film Production

Our strength and expertise in filming comes from our years working at the top of the several different entertainment companies.  Whether it’s building out the VFX worlds for Game of Thrones, shooting commercials for Vital Farms or unscripted content for Bravo, we have substantial experience working with businesses and brands in Atlanta and throughout the United States.  As locals, we all have our favorite locations to capture content.  Besides the Film Studios mentioned above, here are some of our favorite “mainstream” locations.

  1. Piedmont Park
  2. Fox Theatre
  3. Atlanta History Center
  4. Atlanta Beltline
  5. Skyview Atlanta

However, if you are looking for some industry insider favorites, schedule a call with our production team.


How can video production benefit your business and brand?

Being a professional video production company, we produce branded marketing material to help you generate a ROI by conveying your brand in a message that will engage you target audience and resonate with your target audience on an emotional level.

Working with our professional team will offer you the following benefits:

  • The Best Production Services in the industry
  • The newest hardware and technology for video production
  • On target storytelling for your videos
  • Efficient development, video production and streamlined post production services
  • Goal-driven, dynamic and seasoned video producers

Our Video Production Advantage

Being an Industry leader in digital media production field for several years, we know what works, and what converts. We know how to keep the audience engaged and increase call to action.

We care about your business

We care about your success and prioritize the ideas and values of your business. We believe in establishing a long term business relationship and therefore never settle for something “OK”.  Our end goal for every project is to hit it’s intended target.

We make things efficient and easy

Producing your own film and video requires a lot of resources and equipment. Doing it by yourself might leave you with something less than “perfect”.  Our production team and production process makes your life easy.  Let our experienced production veterans help you today.