Bolt entertainment is a team of creative brainboxes who are committed to creating commercially engaging digital experiences. We are one of the finest film production companies in Atlanta making premium films and commercial videos for businesses and brands.

We specialize in video and film production for clients across Atlanta to help them effectively communicate with their target audiences through engaging digital experiences. We gather information and personas to seamlessly guide business houses and brands through the entire process of creative production.

Our creative video production team has been providing a very cost-effective line of production service to clients in Atlanta and surroundings. Some of them include :

  • Brand video production
  • digital video production
  • commercial and business video films
  • visual effects
  • documentary videos
  • training videos
  • animation and motion graphics

Visionary storytelling for a visual world.

We strongly believe and understand that nothing can be ever as compelling as a great video when it comes to promotion and marketing. No other digital experience has the power to influence and motivates the audience as a good video does.

The digital craft we produce will directly reflect your business and goals. Our creative brains are always conscious of the quality script and cinematic elements to polish the visual and make it as resonating as possible.

Out strength and expertise in Filming

We have substantial experience working with business houses and brands in Atlanta and worldwide. We have helped businesses ranging from big companies to small business owners to create video projects of all sizes.

We are specialized in film and documentary production including interactive media. We have been documenting everyday life, business activities, and social changes through film and documentary.


How working with us can benefit your business and brand?

Being a professional video production company, we help you generate maximum ROI by conveying your brand in an approach to engage customers.

Going with our professional and creative squads will offer you the following benefits:

  • Top-quality and latest equipment
  • Goal-oriented visionary storytelling
  • Efficient video shoot and streamlined editing
  • Goal-driven dynamic management


We provide a creative advantage

Being in the creative digital field for a long time, we know what actually works and what converts. We know how to keep the audience engaged and increase their purchasing temperature.


We care about your business

We prioritize your business first and care about it. We believe in establishing a long term business relationship and therefore never settle for something “OK”. Our end goal for every project is “perfection”.


We make things efficient and easy

Producing your own film and video requires a lot of resources and equipment. Doing it by yourself might leave you with something less than “perfect”. Our professional team makes everything easy with the latest and advanced equipment.

So, what are you waiting for? Are you ready to kick start a digital journey that will take you through the path of thoughts and imagination? We will help you give a digital shape to your imagination.

Let us spill some shades on your thoughts, let’s paint it together and make great films, great documentaries, and great experiences.