Small Details You Need to Know About Post-Production in Filmmaking.

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Small Details You Need to Know About Post-Production in Filmmaking.

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In the world of visual imagery and film making, the importance of post-production cannot be overemphasized. Post-production studios in Atlanta GA and everywhere else know this. It is the reason why a chunk of the film’s production budget is spent on post-production.

From the moment a director yells ‘It’s a wrap, y’all’ with his or her finger twirling in the air, the post-production process has commenced (maybe not immediately). This is the third and most crucial phase in the entire film making process. This is where life is finally breath into the script. And we at Bolt Entertainment are going to talk about why it is so important.

Visual Edits

After principal photography has been completed and all the casts have bid their farewells, the footages are transferred to the post-production companies for editing.

Though the task is daunting, video editing over time has been made easy by technology. Editing software like Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere are essentially used in this phase. The video editors, under the supervision of the filmmaker, will edit, splice, cut the takes and arrange them in the way it is meant to be seen.

Editing usually begins from the first scene and builds up from that point. Though scenes from any part of the movie can be cut, it would require expert hands and eyes.

When editing a particular scene, knowing when and why to shift to a particular shot matters a lot. Usually, a scene should add purpose to the story with the least amount of shots as possible. Video editors ensure it is so.

If the director is not satisfied with the ‘story’ in a particular scene, the casts are called back for a re-shoot.

What we all know as ‘The Director’s Cut’ is separated at this point.

Sound Editing

Sound editors are called in to assemble and edit the audio tracks of the footage. Unnecessary and unwanted noise is digitally removed from the principal visuals.

It is at this point that sound effects are applied. For instance, a fight scene would require punches, gunshots, screams to be enhanced for a better experience by the viewers. For a horror movie, eerie sounds like footsteps echoing in a quiet hall need to be amplified by sound editors. You can check out more about this stuff here.


Original Score/Music Mixing

Typically, most video assets need music to set the tone of a scene. Music composers view footage on a monitor in a studio and create original music. If the music selected for a particular scene is not an original score, the music supervisor is tasked with clearing publishing rights to the chosen composition.


When an action, sci-fi or fantasy film receive a bad reception, it is usually a result of its generated images. Visual Effects, fondly called VFX, is an integral aspect of the post-production process. For a particular action to be deemed believable, relateable or real, visuals effects must be applied.

VFX companies in Atlanta like ours in Atlanta are contracted to develop computer-generated images (CGI) for the scenes where it is needed. More about this stuff is written here.

Color Correction

For uniformity to be created across all the shots that have been selected, its colors need to be edited. A color engineer is tasked with ensuring the shades, hues and lighting are appropriate for the scene.

Any unnecessary lighting and shades are digitally removed to bring out the best picture for the movie.

Graphic Edits

The movie title, opening, mid and end credits are developed and added to the movie at this point. If a particular scene requires the location or any detail to be made known to spectators, it is graphically edited into the shot.


This is the tip of the iceberg. At the point, the movie is ready to be released digitally or for the big screen.

A team of editors will go through the various cuts and create a preview for the audience to drool over until the movie is released.

Post production, especially in filmmaking is a serious business. The success or failure of a movie is dependent on its post-production. If you need help with post-production, contact us. We are always happy to help you through this creative process.

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