Video production companies. . .

Create videos for many different types of clients. Clients typically range from local businesses, all the way up to Studios and Network television companies. Local companies commission video production companies to film and edit video marketing material where as production companies that work with Film Studios and Networks film the content we all watch on the big and small screen, in movie theaters and on television.

Different types of production companies

Production companies can specialize in different things. The best do it all. Obviously you need a huge staff to be able to do it all, so let’s talk about the different things production companies do.

  1. Development

    Development in what happens at the beginning of a project. This is where ideas are thrown out. Broken down and built up. The best ideas stay, and the ones that are not as strong are thrown out. This is also the stage where projects are packaged with talent in a Network and feature production environment. Actors are attached to projects and gives producers an idea of what a story would look like with certain actors attached. Different actors bring different truths to a role. As you can imagine, if Vin Diesel was attached, a film may be perceived one way by an audience, vs. Adam Sandler. For commercials, talent are attached in what is referred to as a pre-production phase. This is a phase that happens right before production which brings us to principal photography or physical production.

  2. Physical Production

    These video production companies specialize in physical production. They are the video production companies that you think about when you see the video cameras and the giant groups of production staff working on a production set. These production companies have the relationships with crew. Mostly below the line, sometimes above the line. Above the line crew consists of the Directors, Actors, screenwriters, and producers. Below the line consists of everyone else. Hair, make-up, grip, gaff, set design, DP, AC, etc. It is important to denote that everyone in the production is equally as important. Can you shoot a production without a few of them, sure, but it won’t be as good as it could be without them.

  3. Post production

    This is what separates the professionals from the amateurs. The entire process up until this point is a challenge, but when your productions call for that finishing touch. That professional polish, post production delivers the goods. Within post-production you have departments and specialties like:

    A. Audio Post

    B. VFX

    C. Color

    D. Editing

    E. Foley/Sound Design

Hardware and software we use

Within the world of Video Production, these three categories are it’s primary components. Each component uses specific tools. The development teams would use more writing and story boarding tools like Final Draft, Celtx and the Adobe Suite.

One you are on location you get more into the hands on hardware and need to know how to use Cameras, different lenses, lights and diffusers. Recording and Storage devices to record and store audio and video captured on set. If you are into building sets, you will need to know how to use saws and utilize wood to build sets. The wardrobe department needs to know how to use sewing machines and threaded needles to create and fix garments.

Physical production utilizes the most hardware because you have to build the world, and convince your audience they are experiencing characters through locations and clothing, but post production comes in a close second. A very fast and robust computer is at the core of every post production facility. Post production houses need to have a LARGE storage facility to house all of the production’s video content that was just captured. Besides that, plan to know how to use software that will help take your video productions to the next level. Namely, Divinci Resolve, Final Cut, Avid and the Adobe Suite. If you plan to do alot of VFX work, software like Nuke, Fusion, Houdini and Massive are a great place to start.

If you are new to the search for how to choose a great video production partner, give this article a read. It will provide additional insight on how to deal with video production companies for the first time.