Videos on landing pages have multiple benefits. . .

that you should consider like the ability to boost your conversion,. A viewer that has gone through and watched your video is going to remember what it is that they saw and what it is that you were offering far beyond the end of the video. This means that if you are going to show a 30-60 second video, you need to make sure the video has the appropriate amount of information for them to know what to do next because the video cannot be so short neither can it be so long. The video needs to be the perfect length with just the right amount of information. You may not get the visitor to buy the first time they visit your website, but if you follow these rules, you will likely end up with their business eventually.

  1. VIDEOS are the fastest messengers of them all

Viewers that have the option of watching a video or reading a page of text with the exact same words are nearly always going to choose to watch the video no matter if it’s through an ad on the television or if it is on a billboard during a walk through town. This can be due to ease, or time constraints. A video is always faster and easier to watch especially because it does not require that much focus our attention. You want engaging headlines and bits of content, but you do not want to bore your viewers. You want to inspire them to take an action, and videos are a simple way of making that happen. A person who doesn’t find your video appealing in the first few seconds of watching will just scroll on through and will never give your video another thought.

Example below is from World Wide Fund, their goal is to increase brand awareness and donations to their non-profit. With new visitors not knowing what World Wide Fund is and how it affects people world-wide with no cure, the video placed in the hero section of your landing page gets the message across right away.


Ideally, you are also going to want to make sure that the videos you pick are going to be friendly to your entire audience, not just one snippet of it. Your video cannot just market to a niche and offend the rest of your audience. You want your audience to see your video, feel inspired to find out more, and share that video on social media to the rest of their social circle. When you can inspire positive emotions in your viewers, they are more likely share it, become buying customers, and tell the people they know to do the same. There is a lot of power in the word of mouth and the public relations of the audiences you are catering to. One conversion from a properly-placed video can turn into multiple sales. Because one person will tell a friend and they will tell their friends and one spark of fire will lead to a wild fire of sales. This can also boost how many people are following what you have to say on social media, which can also boost the total number of sales.

  1. VIDEOS INCREASE USERS ENGAGEMENT and user involvement

Videos can also help to boost your conversion rate in a way that can be difficult to match using text or images because videos are something that can cater to all the audiences whether they know how to read or not, whether they can understand the language or not because videos can explain their message through visuals. Once a viewer has started watching your video, you can decide where the climax of the video is, and request a person opt-into your email campaign to finish out the video. This shows engagement, interest, and gives you more information that you can use to convert viewers into buyers down the line. While you can have the same type of form pop up over text, it can be a lot harder to try and determine the right amount of time to wait before that form should appear. There is no set format as such for a video as people watch it as they please. There are no such forms of videos that just pop up or are imposed on the viewers. Each person reads at a different rate, but each person that watches the video can have the form pop up at a specific part of the video itself, giving you the bonus email out of the process.


At the end of the day, you need to know your customers really well before deciding that a video is going to be the key to converting your viewers into customers. A video can be helpful with getting a big conversion rate or it can be of no help because there are certain algorithms that can help determine what’s the right amount of information needed in a video and what’s the right length of a video as well as an algorithm that helps determine when the video should be released to get the optimal rate of conversion. While videos do tend to give a higher conversion rate, knowing your audience and telling a great story is going to give you the best chances of a high conversion rate. The people watching the videos are always looking for some sort of inspiration. They are looking for something they can relate to, or something that they can hold on to, this is what allows them to be so responsive to the brand and its image and allows them to respond in the form of sales.

The smartest thing for a marketer to do when they are starting the process of video production is the act of figuring out what the customers are going to come to you, looking for, know how they are going to visit your landing page based on devices, and know how to show them that you can solve their problems. The beauty of being a marketer indulging in video production is the art of creating a need for a product when it doesn’t exist and then introducing a solution in the form of their product or service.

If you can do all of that with a video, then you are going to be able to have the best chances of seeing your bottom line rise. Video production if used properly can benefit the company and its brand image in ways that the company can’t imagine.