Top 3 Actors Who Produce Content and Hit The Jackpot

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Top 3 Actors Who Produce Content and Hit The Jackpot

Breaking Into Hollywood


can be a difficult task for even the most talented individual. But if you produce, it gives you a distinct advantage.


The production landscape is full of peaks and valleys, obstacles and boobytraps. Have a look at actors that were once the toast of the town, and today, are nowhere to be found. However, if you have a little business savvy, you can open doors that were never available to you before and you can begin to create opportunities/roles of your dreams. Below are three of our favorite stories. You know the names, but do you know how they got there? Check it out. I am sure you will find it interesting.

Before we start listing our top 3 actors who hit the jackpot, actors who are just getting started need to know how these amazing, talented individuals got started. It starts with representation from a top talent management company or agency. Have a look at these articles if you need to know what Talent agencies and Talent management companies are and how they will help mold your career.

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Vin Diesel


Vin Diesel is constantly making it happen.


Without a doubt, one of the biggest stars in Hollywood is none other then the action star Vin Diesel. As a kid growing up in New York. Vin was either performing in plays or performing with his friends, breakdancing. To have the feeling in your blood to perform is key, but where actors can separate themselves from the pack is producing. Years ago. Vin wrote, directed and starred in a short called Multi-facial. It’s a story about a young man in NYC who auditions for parts in TV/FILM projects. We won’t go into the storyline but what we want to emphasize is the fact that Vin created his own destiny. He wrote a role for himself, which showed him in the light which he wanted to be seen. One that shows his acting chops and shows he can be a leading man. He then directed the project with a bunch of friends and the rest is a story that created the legend he is today. Multi-facial went forward to screen at many festivals, but what makes Mr Diesel so brilliant is that he wrote a letter to Steven Spielberg, which resulted in Steven casting him in Saving Private Ryan. WHAT? Yes, you heard that correctly. This is a power move that demands we all tip our hat to the creative genius this man is. So from all of us here at Bolt Entertainment, Bravo Mr. Diesel. Bravo.

Mark Wahlberg


Mark creates and produces some of the best shows on air and film opportunities for himself. Genius.


Entourage, Boardwalk Empire, Ballers – three of the sexiest and most exciting shows in recent years. Lone Survivor, The Fighter, The Gambler – awesome films produced by Mark Wahlberg. It has been stated that Mr. Wahlberg used to audition for roles and after being passed over for one or another reason, he turned to produce original content to control his own destiny. Sure he acted in classics which he did not produce like Boogie Nights, The Big Hit and The Departed but in many ways, those projects set him up to position himself as one of Hollywood’s leading men. Acting is an art, it is also an opportunity which can open doors to create. Mr. Wahlberg opened the door, swung for the fence and hit the jackpot.

Oprah Winfrey



Oprah acts, creates, produces and runs a media empire. Nuff said.


You do not need to say much behind this image. You already know her story. But, if you don’t. The let me paint a brief picture. While in high school, Ms. Winfrey landed a job hosting a radio talk show. By the time she was 19, she was the co-anchor at a news station in Tennessee and was given the opportunity to host a television talk show ranked third in her market.

As soon as the talk show became number one, she launched a production company, nationally syndicated the television talk show and she eventually became the force we know her as today.

There are tons of actors who produce.


If you are an actor and interested in producing, give this article a read and learn how to launch a video production company. Sandra Bullock, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Adam Sandler, Will Ferrell, Will Smith. Really, the biggest actors in Hollywood produce. It is also important to realize the different kinds of producers these actors are. Some create stories and physically produce, others are producers in name only. Whatever your passion is, where ever it may lye, look into ways to become multi-dimensional in the marketplace. Like the stars above, it can take your star power to levels you never dreamed of. If you are in need of a production partner and serious about the craft. Give us a call. . .so are we.

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