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Virtual Reality & 360 Video Production

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360 video production and virtual reality are amongst the newly introduced technologies to industries that have been used in promoting products and brands. They both allow one to immerse him/herself into a video. Virtual reality (VR) has been pinpointed as one of the most sought-after technique in industries (especially in the entertainment industry) with extensive uses. If you need a bit more background as to what Virtual reality is, we have you covered. This technology has been used to leverage profitably in tourism, business, games, history, crime, and science industry as it helps audience/viewers to become part of a situation which they cannot be part of normally. This is mostly achieved through the use of goggles which helps to stimulate the environment and making the surroundings part of their experience as everything including the screeches of the wild animals will be heard while you are immersed in the simulation. Virtual reality in video production uses a digitally animated 3D environment thereby engages viewers to interact fully with the environment and activities involved as it holds lots of value for stimulation. Mostly in games, VR is used to enable viewers to get a chance to participate in activities with the ability to interact and move around with either a controller or sensors strapped to parts of the body. Activities could include picking up objects and throwing them, walking, opening and closing of the doors and many more.



In 360 video production, audiences are invited and transported to the center of the narrative by that, giving them a highly immersive experience of the custom environment and the scene filmed. All directions (up, down, right, left or behind) are recorded in that, remitting a complete 360-degree view. A great camera for filming 360 video content is Samsung’s 360 camera. When compared with a video shot from one perspective, it is more effective and has been supported by a platform like Youtube.
• Virtual reality gives a high sensory impact
• It is immersive and permits the viewer to be more engaged with the scene.




Although the 360 video environment isn’t as immersive as virtual reality, it is more accessible, affordable, and used more often in social media marketing and cinema. When 10K 360 cameras become more affordable to the public and developers start to create stories for us to enjoy through goggles or more advanced forms consumption, 360 Video will be used more frequently. Here is the kicker. By that time, processors and simulation designers will be so far ahead of developing worlds that we can engage all levels of movement and interaction to where 360 will feel like an afterthought. A lesser form of immersive interaction.

Unlike the traditional post-production process, 360 post-production includes stitching, blending, editing, grading, rig removal and other optimization for multiple platforms so as to make a seamless and high-quality video.

Our skilled team in Atlanta at Bolt Entertainment made a commitment to give you the very best designers and compositers in the world.


Each member from our creative team is hand-selected and rank among the best creatives in the world. For this reason, our Atlanta 360 Video Production team is equipped to deliver world-class 360 and VR video production.


When you talk about creating environments, our Head of VFX created the CGI worlds on HBO’s “Game of Thrones.” How would you like to walk around King’s Landing?


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