Visual Effects – A New Benchmark in Video Production

One of the greatest innovations in the world of film making has been the introduction of visual effects. Filmmakers have adopted visual effects to improve and create new meanings in their movies. Without a doubt, visual effects have become an essential part of the film and TV-industry and have begun to be the measuring stick in video production.

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What are Visual Effects?

Visual effects are commonly referred to as the process of creating, altering and enhancing imagery in combination with live-action shots to create an environment that looks real. Visual effects are usually added during the video post-production process.

The visuals you see in movies are mostly imaginative and quite impossible to capture live with a cinema camera. Even if it could, it would be very expensive and dangerous to get into the film. We all know that a script about a fight in space is impossible to film so we make use of visual effects to depict the environment in space. Another instance where VFX production can be used is while filming a scene that needs to depict another country or location. It might be cost-ineffective to go to that country and shoot one or two scenes. In this case, visual effects videos are very helpful.

Thus, the benefits of visual effects in video production are countless. Some of which are:

1. Cost-Effective:

Many people usually say the cost of visual effects is quite high but have they thought of the cost to shoot a movie for real in Mars if it were possible. In that context, visual effects assets are not that expensive. For a moment, think about Marvel’s Avengers franchise. It was reported, “End Game” had a budget of more than $350 million dollars.

2. Time-saving:

There might be enough money to shoot every scene in a movie but is there enough time? Filming movies in various locations takes a lot of time and it’s hard to manage. With VFX production, the location can be digitally manipulated hence saving time.

3. The Freedom of Storytelling:

The advent of VFX has given writers and directors unlimited freedom to bring their wildest imagination to the screen. They can tell their stories in any manner they want because they are confident visual effects will bring their stories to life.

These are the reasons why the use of visual effects to generate imagery have been on the rise, thanks to the availability of affordable animation and compositing software. Due to the recent disruptions in the video production industry, for video production to be a success, visual effects ought to be an important part of every video producer’s tool kit.

Visual Effects are one of our strengths

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