What Are The Advantages Of Branded Video Content?

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January 18, 2019
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What Are The Advantages Of Branded Video Content?

Branded Video Content is a marketing technique whereby the video content created is linked to a specific brand which allows existing and potential consumers to connect to the brand. Branded video content creates connection with audiences emotionally. It is usually made of funny, emotional or educational content that has the ability to trigger a certain part of your brain to love and share the video. The market is becoming too saturated and hence brands have to make their content unique in order to be seen. Businesses should go the extra mile to make sure that their video content impacts their audience in creative ways, as well as preach the values they stand for.

This short article would be shedding more lights on what branded video contents can do to improve your business.

An emotional connection with the brand is fostered

The best branded Video contents can tell good stories that thrill the audience/customer. These brand stories have the ability to spark emotions that will be associated with your brand which in turn makes your brand stick in the mind of consumers for a long time.

A Good Branded Video Content can go Viral

We are in the social media era. Ideas and information are always shared via Facebook, twitter, Instagram and so on. This means a great video content will definitely get shared. As long as people can relate with it, it can go viral on social media.

Positive positioning of the brand

The customers of today are more likely to ignore a promotional video or ads rather than share it. The only time they engage with it or share it is if they resonate with your content on an emotional level. This is where branded video content comes in. This is the type of content that tells a story about the values your brand represents. With this, the positive values associated with your brand become registered in the minds of your customers.

Greater loyalty

Branded video content not only seeks new customers; it also helps to strengthen the bond with your existing customers. Unlike traditional ads, the meaningful and emotional messages in branded video content give the company a chance to show their customers who they really are and what they stand for. Thus, this sets the stage for loyalty and attraction between both parties.

Branded Video Content can help increase traffic and leads

While the main aim of branding is to impact the perception of your brand, it is also helpful in bringing a large amount of traffic to your website. Consumers are not known to spend lot of time reading long text. This is why a good branded video content can make it possible to gradually increase the level of recognition and sharing of your content on social media.

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