Why Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality Are The Future of Communication

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Why Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality Are The Future of Communication

Years ago, Virtual Reality was introduced as the future of the gaming world. Today, we see it as the future of communication



Technology has greatly advanced every aspect of our lives – the internet, cellular technology, voice automation. Yet for futurists, we know that this is just the beginning. With new 5G technology just around the corner, the best is yet to come. Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality is the future of communication.

Of all the different applications of VR, we are most interested in its ability to change the way we communicate. Brands communicating and customer service with their loyal customer will look and feel different. Troubleshooting hardware and software will be a visual walk through in VR/AR/MR.

Business To Business Communication Will Be More Engaging


VR/MR will completely change the way the world exchanges information on a consumer to consumer level, but will also change the way our businesses are run. Imagine sitting in a room with people from different parts of the world and hold business meetings without having to leave your house. Imagine talking about a new eco-friendly propulsion then sharing a 360 visual of that system with creatives from all parts of the world, collecting creative feedback and having the ability to make changes with approval cues with everyone in the virtual meeting on the spot. Virtual reality/mixed reality is the answer to collaborating with creatives all over the world, in real-time.


Virtual reality creates an avenue for closer relationships through communication. Imagine working in a big company and you get a chance to sit in and listen to your CEO discuss company concerns with top executives. From a top brass standpoint these types of opportunities will allow your staff to feel more involved with the company they work for, they imagine an employee feedback portal where any employee can make suggestions on how the company can be more efficient. This way you get to share ideas and connect better in your own company with the help of Social VR. Every company can learn things from employees which can be integral to business success. Information from different departments which the company may have lost sight of, or simply areas in need of improvement will surely be appreciated.

Brand stories have to evolve in order to hit the right target and virtual reality production has a lot to offer. The techniques used in video might not have the same effect in VR. This is why the opportunities in virtual reality video need to be exploited to make valuable connections as well as a worthwhile experience.

The moment VR is accessible and available to all, it’s going to change the marketing world. 360° video production has the ability to take users through an immersive and interactive experience; hence there will be a much deeper connection and trust than standard 2D video. Once immersed, the user’s experiences will be somewhat unique depending on his or her time using the VR/MR headset. The truth is, practices to create and develop content are still in its infancy stage. Audible cues, visual cues, camera positioning, are all being experimented with but once the production techniques are quality tested and an industry standard is set, general practices will become the norm and 360 immersion will take shape.

VR is an experience and not just a form of visual messaging, i.e. face time. This is why it has great potential in the communication world. Once creatives fully understand the art of producing content in 360 VR and hardware becomes more affordable to the general public, these bizarre VFX heavy films and TV shows will no longer only be something we can experience on 2D screens watching our favorite tv shows and films, but it will be the reality we can experience for ourselves on a day to day basis. For that reason alone Virtual Reality Production Company at Bolt Entertainment says, BRING IT ON FUTURE! WE CAN’T WAIT!

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