Animated Video Production in Atlanta, GA

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Animated Video Production in Atlanta, GA

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With the increase of television, film and commercial projects filming in AtlantaAnimation is close behind and picking up steam.


Animated Video is one of the best means of retaining the attention of every potential audience. From when we were young, the vivid colors and cartoonish voices capture our imagination and retained our attention. Years later, the love for animation stayed with us.

The data has been measured, and it says consumers love animation. A number of the biggest animation networks and studios are in Atlanta.

Atlanta’s Animation Giants:


Cartoon Network
Bento Box
Floyd County
Bolt Entertainment

Bolt Entertainment, a talent management, video production, and 
animated video production company located in Atlanta has been recognized as one of the best animation companies in Atlanta GA for its beautiful creations and attention to detail. Below are some of the processes engaged in the production of an animated video:
i. Concept
ii. Script
iii. Storyboard
iv. Voiceover
v. Animation
vi. Sound design


The concept in video production defines the entire world and tone of the show. If the animated series takes place in Dracula’s castle, it will have a certain look and feel. If it takes place over a rainbow and through the woods, it will feel quite different. Characters and the world they live in are detailed in every story. Animation, Drama or Comedy.


Scripts are where stories unfold. The character arcs, character development, and interaction. Raise and fall of the protagonist and antagonist. With animation, they are usually written in a commercially viable and universally acceptable language. Unless we are talking about South Park, lol.


On the storyboard, each frame is drafted and the other processes are brought to life. At this moment, producers and artists can discuss art and art direction. In the event a visual needs to change, it can be denoted during this creative period.


Style is denoted during the storyboarding process. Full-color frames that reflect the final aesthetic of a video including its characters, backgrounds, text, icons and many more are scrutinized and perfected. When approving the overall style during the animation process video production, both designer and animator work together to find the best final result.


In voiceover, three tones are primarily used. Dramatic, Excited and Neutral. Dramatic tones are used to building tension, excited tones are used to elevate the viewer’s mood, and neutral tones are used mostly to reduce distraction and carry the story forward. Atlanta has some of the best voice-over artists in the world. Did you know the voice of Apple’s Siri is from Atlanta? We don’t rep her. .. but it’s cool none the less.


In the animation stage, motion is added. This is the most important process of all. Characters are either brought to life through properly animating wireframes in a 3d space or character’s movement look unrealistic because of the lack of knowledge for character and world manipulation.

Sound Design

The sound design in animation one of the most important pieces to Animation. Think about a character slipping on a banana peel or Popeye opening a can of spinach. You don’t think about it much, but should is used to put you in a frame of mind, an emotional state. Whether good or bad, happy or sad, sound plays a big psychological role in the way you feel.

Luckily, at Bolt Entertainment, we work with Grammy award-winning producers and sound engineers.

If you need an animated video, give us a call. We would love to help or at least point you in the right direction.

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