Why Animated Videos Are So Popular

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Why Animated Videos Are So Popular

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Animated video production is one of the most popular types of videography in the world today. There are various forms of animated video production such as whiteboard videos, 2D and 3D animation styles and motion graphics. Many sectors of the world have come to adopt it – from movies and screenplays, musicians, and even the corporate world in their commercial video production. Atlanta video production companies like us at Bolt Entertainment provide this service to our wide range of clients. Animated videos have a certain psychological appeal to many people all over the world, and you find that most people will opt for this as opposed to the other forms of videography. So why are they so popular?

Easy to understand



As compared to other videography types such as 360 video production, animations are straightforward and easy to comprehend. Some concepts of your business can be hard to explain using real-life videos, but animations help a viewer understand even the most abstract ideas. It perhaps has to do with the feeling of nostalgia they bring, taking us back to our childhood when we enjoyed cartoons. They can tap into that imagination and help you explain the most difficult things.

They are visually stimulating


Humans are more drawn to motion picture as compared to static images. Animated video production taps into this aspect of people and grasp their attention using visual effects that bring your ideas to life by creating characters or scenarios that the viewer resonates well with thereby easing the explaining process. Production companies in Atlanta know how to make sure that the visual effects they incorporate bring out your message.



There are so many videos online today that many would consider them digital noise. To cut through all these and come up with something unique, your content must be exceptional. Animations are the best way to help you deliver branded video content. They are a great way to stand out of the crowd and be noticed.



One of the biggest challenges facing the video production sector is the lack of funds to execute quality picture videos, and this is why animated videos are the next best option. They are one of the most affordable videos to make according to pricing by many Atlanta video production companies. They won’t cost you a lot such as the likes of Virtual reality and 360 video production. Furthermore, they are easy to polish up and deliver.

Entertainment Value



Last but not least, animation videos are very entertaining to watch. You can tap into this element they have to create videos conveying messages that will have a strong influence on many people. Who said commercial video production shouldn’t be entertaining?

Animated videos are a valuable sales tool that can help your business grow significantly.


Many Animation Companies in Atlanta, like ours, produce branded video content at affordable rates…


…in the long run, improving your bottom line.

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