Drone Volt – Janus VR 360


Drone Volt – Janus VR 360



Capture a full view from the sky with the Janus VR 360. This is the first commercial drone dedicated to 360 Virtual Reality. As creators better understand the art of storytelling through VR cameras, a 360 VR drone will be essential to every storyteller’s arsenal. For additional information on Virtual Reality and 360 video Production, read here.  To capture high-quality content for both, continue on to see the specs of the Drone Volt.  Recording at 80 fps, the Janus VR 360 drone captures high-quality VR content.

Features of the VR 360 drone include:

360 Gimbal – The 360 VR Gimbal is equipped with 2 gyro-stabilized OMNI rigs on which (12) 4K cameras may be attached.

360 Degree videos – Broadcast live or record up to 150GB of content per flight with immersive 360-degree video.

Foldable Arms – The Janus 360 is equipped with a four-arm lockable and secure system.

Payload Capacity – 13.2 lbs

Winglet Propellers – The Janus 360 VR uses Carbon fiber Winglet propellers with curved tips which improve the positioning and efficiency of the drone as well as reduces the flight noise.

Frame – The 100% carbon frame makes the 360 VR ultra shock resistant.

Speed – Top speed of 46 mph

Range – 3280 feet

Flight time – Up to 15 Minutes

The Janus 360 VR supports Freedom 360 Rigs and GoPro OMNI cameras (not included).

Product Name Price
Janus VR 360 (without camera, rigs & battery) $13,200
Janus VR 360 (with cameras + rigs & battery) $19,999

At Bolt Entertainment, we use the latest cinema technology to capture and create engaging commercial, feature film, and VR video content.  Give us a call, find out what we can do to help you succeed.

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