If you are producing a high-end video full of Visual Effects and captivating music, you will find some of the best Post Production Companies in the world in Atlanta.

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Young graphic designer working on a digital tablet and a computer top view

Traditionally the best post-production companies are located in Los Angeles, London, and spread throughout Canada, and for good reason.

The television, film and commercial industries have operated in those cities for years. With the boom of video production taking place in Atlanta, the best companies have moved here and local companies are strengthening their capabilities to compete with the rest of the entertainment industry.

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Our post-production company in Atlanta just hired Industry Powerhouse Gradient Effect’s Lead Nuke Designer to head up our VFX division. Kerem’s job at Gradient Effects was to design the digital world’s on Game of Thrones, Blacklist, The Last Ship and Black Sails.

Other top local VFX companies that create digital worlds for the top television, film and commercial’s shot in Atlanta are:

  1. Stargate Studios who works on The Walking Dead, and The Resident.
  2. Crafty Apes: Hobbs and Shaw, Shaft, The Orville, Creed

Besides these, a number of other Atlanta post-production companies produce great work but the ones above are the best in the market. Just ask Marvel, Disney, and Netflix. The amount of VFX work awarded to these companies is proof in their confidence that these companies deliver the goods project after project.

Just like choosing any production company, what you need will determine what post-production company will best suit your needs.

If you are Marvel and are in need of $125M worth of VFX and post-production work, chances are, you will contact Bolt, Stargate or Crafty Apes. We have a proven track record of producing the highest quality VFX in the business. But what if you need a music composer, what if you need sound design, or a brick and mortar post-production studio for ADR, Foley and a place where producers and studio executives can sit in on edits.

Studio work


Sound producer sitting by mixing equipment in a studio

Point is, every studio has strengths and weaknesses. Until you take a call with each company and let them know exactly what you are in need of, it will be difficult to know exactly which company will be the right fit for you. Our post-production strengths lye in our compositing/Visual Effects and music composition. Stargate’s strengths are in their ability to work locally in seven markets across the world with seven offices in Germany, Malta, and Canada.

If you are looking for VFX for smaller productions, say under $100K per project, there are several post-production companies in Atlanta that will satisfy your needs. For the longest time, Atlanta has been a music powerhouse. Often referred to as the Music Capitol of the south, a number of Atlanta production companies have made a good living shooting music videos for 20 years. Those companies have altered their DNA slightly to accommodate the growing demands of the local television and film business. The most popular of these companies is Rite Media Group.

Today, Rite handles super slow motion and has a strong foothold in the industry using their $500,000 Bolt robot. They have transitioned from shooting music videos to shooting High Definition slow motion for Marvel and other top production companies. Recently Rite’s Partner and lead Director Steven Pitts left to join us at Bolt Entertainment. Whatever your needs, Bolt is a company that understands

What sets us apart from other companies in the marketplace is that we are a full-service production company.

From the very beginning of the creative process, our creatives understand how to develop projects. Our storyboard artists create for Paramount, Platinum Dunes, and Bad Robot. Our production crew fly drones and operate cameras for $100M Marvel feature films, and last but not least, our VFX staff and music department create world’s for the best television shows and win Grammys.

Whatever you need, always do your research. Take a discovery call with a production company you are considering hiring and make sure they are a good fit. VFX can make or break your production. Find a good one that fits your budget. One thing I can guarantee you. An Atlanta Video production company that also works in VFX can get it done.