The Success of Animated Videos For Social Media Marketing

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The Success of Animated Videos For Social Media Marketing

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With the attention span of most consumers shrinking, animated videos are one of the best ways to capture the attention of consumers quickly.
Before we start, allow me to remind you the 5 goals of social media marketing.
(1) Increase your brand’s awareness,
(2) Enhance public relations for your brand,
(3) Continuously build a community of advocates for your brand,
(4) Continuous research and development, and
(5) Qualify leads and increase sales

Animated videos allow brands to connect with consumers with a creative and animated message. Messages written and executed by professional production companies are strait to the point and passes along key brand information that lets consumers know what they need and can be distributed across all digital marketing platforms and address the 5 points mentioned above.

How Do They Increase Brand Awareness?


Animated videos tend to be very colorful and energetic. When a animated video is well produced with great story and beautiful animatics, consumers tent to remember that. Story first. Every message should give a thorough depiction of what you are looking to share with your potential consumer base. Once the story is flushed out, make sure to use brand logos throughout. When you do, it co-brands the story you are looking to share with your brand logo.

This helps the consumer understand what your brand stands for. Now that your video is perfectly formatted to share with the public, share them across the social media channels. The more people see your brand on social channels, the more they will notice your presence. This separated your company from your competitors

How Do Animated Videos Enhance Public Relations?



It’s all about authenticity. So many brands and individuals are taking information and assets that are already online and re-purposing them to suit their needs. These pictures, videos and assets have meta data associated with them. Moreover, if people see that the assets have been used before, it can hurt your public image.

When a company is in tune with their audience, they their audience keeps coming back to them because of their love for what that company does or sells. If you sell apples and your video content consists of dancing apples, after time you build an audience who loves the videos you produce, the apples you sell and they are loyal customers. If you take unoriginal content of dancing pears, you may loose customers. Keep your content authentic, increase your brands public relations.

How Do Animated Videos Build A Community Of Advocates?

Once your video is shared on one of the social channels, the shares your followers are sending to your friends are the biggest compliments they can give you besides a purchase. By sending your video to their friends, they are saying they like you, your brand, and what you stand for. Each share can potentially bring you new customers. Every share is the consumers way of advocating for you and your brand. As one share leads to two, two leads to three, and so forth, your brand grows.

Moreover, keep in mind, one loyal customer is way better than ten customers that are only going to come to you once. Whatever your brand message, make sure it is true to the company message. You will find your customer base, just stay consistent.

How Do Animated Videos Promote Research And Development?

One of the best things about using animated videos on social media are the access to analytics. These analytics can tell you exactly how many people are looking at the the videos, how long they are looks at the video you create, and exactly what point they are clicking off if they are. This makes gathering data and using these integral data points to you advantage very easy.

On another note, research shows that for businesses, short animated videos receive more engagement than live-action ones. One reason this occurs is because animation allows complex ideas to be explained easily. Think of it as a teacher explaining a concept to a student with simpler words rather than using complex ones.

Animated videos are also less expensive to produce then live action videos. This allows you to produce a lot more videos and through producing more animated videos, you can distribute more. The more videos you distribute, the more data you can collect.

How Do Animated Videos Drive Sales And Leads?

Animated videos have a way of seeming less intrusive. Since we were kids, we have always been trained to feel like animation is a form of entertainment. And because we spent so much time enjoying cartoons as kids, this feeling of enjoyment crossed over into our psyche as adults. Studies show that animated videos convert consumers at a higher rate than live action videos.


If you have not used animated videos for any of your marketing efforts, we highly suggest giving it a shot. Our clients have had tremendous success using animated videos and we are confident it will work wonders for you. Video production is the most important tool in your marketing departments tool box. If you are looking to convert new customers, give us a call or contact us and let us know what you are looking to accomplish. We are happy to help.

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