Your Video Is Your Marketer

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Your Video Is Your Marketer

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Marketing refers to actions undertaken by a corporation to encourage the buying or selling of a product or service. Sales are tricks related to selling or the number of goods or services sold in a given time period.  The question to really think about is that where does marketing end and where do the sales begin? This is the debate of ancient times. It is believed that there should be a faultless changeover among advertising and promotion in addition to sales that is without a doubt unobserved by the customer. The best B2B companies in the world function exactly like this, realizing that the right strategy can result in very little “heaving lifting” by a salesperson which results in high customer pleasure and noteworthy sales. Video production makes an entrance here and without a doubt is the key to this phenomenal understanding and is explained below.

In the following example, we will discuss a car dealer. For the sake of explaining this example, let’s say you walk into a car dealership and you are told to download the app of that particular corporation. The app provides you with all the information you could possibly need on all the cars available there to help you decide what you want. Now, you hold up your phone and use Augmented Reality to learn about the car’s features, for example, the model.

You also have the privilege of using the finance calculator on the app to estimate your payments. What this allows you to do is that before even having to talk to a professional you are allowed to go through your options and get inspired by the brand and educate yourself on all the products that they have to offer.   You can also acquaint yourself with the features each individual car has to offer and do proper research without someone hovering over your shoulder… you can even send videos with pricing to your spouse who can confirm this important family decision. After all that NOW enters the salesperson.

Here are four (of the many) reason’s that video is your best salesperson.


1. No Bad Day For The Videos, Ever!


A video doesn’t have an argument with its wife in the morning, causing it to have a hard time focusing during that big meeting with the viewpoint. In fact, a video is the same all the time, every time, no matter how many times or where you watch it. Once you create a stunning video that communicates superbly, it will remain that way forever.  The way you describe or market your particular service or product in a video goes a long way in how it does in the stage of its sale. Once you clearly articulate this via a video it will be there forever, always accessible to millions across the globe. Just put the video in front of the right prospect and you’ll get the intended result every time. Video is like the Navy Seal of sales. It’s not going to stop until it gets the job done, regardless of the conditions.

2. No Such Thing As Being Off-Script


There is no one to better talk about a business than the founder of the corporation or someone who was involved in the conception of the idea of the brand. The brand is defined by its founders. But even the CEOs have days where they need a break.  With that being said, they still have days where they are “mentally off” and forget how to talk. They go “off script” and talk about their value proposition in a way that means nothing to the person they are talking to. If it can happen to the CEO who built the company, rest assured it can happen to anyone. But it will NEVER happen to a video. Once the video is completed, it will never forget what to say and go “off script”. As long as the technical staff of a corporation can get someone to click play, they will get the right information delivered to them no matter what.


3. B-Suite To C-Suite.


If you’re selling B2B (Business to Business) then chances are that you’ll need to get the approval of the VP or C-Suite level executive. These people are busy! They don’t have time for a 45 minute webinar. Time for a lunch to discuss the details? Nope. They do however have time to watch a 90 second video. The statistics show that you’re more likely to get a C-Level Executive to watch a video when researching a product or service. Also, videos are way easier to share and communicate to someone than even talking to them because they can be sent through a link in an email or text message or Slack that it usually makes its way to the “desk” of the C-Level Executive within minutes, rather than weeks. Talk about shortening the sales cycle!

According to one of the top business magazines (Forbes), more than 60% of corporate executives would rather watch an informational video than read the same material in a document.

4. Video Can Represent Quality Better Than Anything Else In The World


The specialty of a great video is that it looks fabulous. It has the power to speak to your audiences and your customers because it has been made with your brand’s blood sweat and tears and that is something not comparable to anything. A salesperson doesn’t have the power that your video does because the sales person is a human after all and they can make the customers fall in love with them but not the brand. Good video actually sets the bar for excellence with your prospects.

The quality of your video work might just be what separates you from your competitors. We’ve seen that be the case with our clients. When our clients take the time to produce amazing video, they subtly show their value proposition to their prospects just by the quality of the finished product. The way to sum it all up is that as customers we judge the product with our eyes and ears first.

Last but not least


If you have an experienced salesperson in your organization, they shouldn’t be frightened by the idea that video can do a better job than them during specific plot-points along the customer journey. It should be quite the contradictory. The greatest salespeople embrace the impression that tools like video can help them do less “persuading” and more closing. Real salespeople are competitive and want the close. They want to win. Video helps them to win more efficiently, creating better commissions and good salespeople like that. The people who will be hurt by this statement will be the bad salesmen because they do not understand the importance of good video production to help increase the value of the product and service as well as also putting the customers on top on the priority list by giving them more information about the product or service through the video.

Sales and Video marketing are not enemies, they actually go hand in hand because they are not substitutes. In the real marketing strategy they are complements and can make the product super successful if used properly.


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