The Future of Virtual Reality and How We Love the Feeling of Being Immersed in a Different World


The Future of Virtual Reality and How We Love the Feeling of Being Immersed in a Different World



Virtual Reality is officially here to stay. Thanks to virtual reality, with head-mounted displays and headsets, we can swim with dolphins, watch 3D movies, or play VR games, all from the comfort of your own living room. The concept, software and hardware have proven to work, but in the near future, headsets will become lighter and the resolution will just get better. If you don’t know exactly what Virtual Reality is, you can learn here.

The future of VR goes beyond gaming and the headsets we are accustomed to. This technology has the potential to transform how we see and learn about the world around us. As big companies like HTC, Facebook and Sony begin to invest in Virtual Reality, the technology will soon become affordable for everyone. Some of the biggest brands in the world are also employing VR at events and trade shows, both because of the medium’s novelty, and the effective way that it can show off products by creating an immersive experience for the customer. With some of the largest tech companies creating their own hardware, VR will soon become part of our everyday lives.

From gaming and watching movies to the healthcare sector, engineering and construction, and so much more, Virtual Reality spans across several industries. Let’s take a look at the ways in which VR will change the world we live in.

Watching Films


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Watching Film in VR
Watching fully immersive VR films have been talked about with wide-eyed wonder. Think about 360 video platforms similar to Netflix and Hulu penetrating the film industry. Imagine 3D movies, and then imagine actual 3D – a world of movie where you can explore the actions at your own pace, and viewing the action from different angles. The possibilities are endless and will only elevate every viewer’s experience.

Exploring Places


The possibility of traveling around the world with Google Maps-style interface would be so much fun. Think about the immersive experience of seeing the world in Google Maps style with your eyes. Such a possibility in VR would pave way for development in real estate and promote remote tourism. VR would allow potential buyers or renters of properties have a look around such properties without actually being there. Tourists would also have the ability to explore different landmarks and exciting places from anywhere.

The Future of VR in the Healthcare Sector


In the near future, VR will be used more to improve the precision and efficiency of medical training and marketing, patient treatment, disease awareness, while enhancing the capabilities of both the care-giver and the patient. At present, medical students are taught using cadavers, which has its setbacks. With VR however, minute details of body parts can be viewed in stunning 360° CGI reconstruction, while also creating training scenarios that reproduce common surgical methods. This goes to show the huge potential for VR in the healthcare sector, and the benefits the sector will enjoy if more creative applications are developed. From developing new life-saving techniques to training the doctors of the future, VR has a multitude of applications for health and healthcare, clinical to the consumer and we believe Virtual Reality will change the way humans communicate with each other.

Improving quality of life


There are many people out there who, for whatever reason, aren’t capable of living a normal life. They deserve to be able to live, to explore, and to experience the wonder of the world (and beyond). VR could be an outlet for the disabled and otherwise housebound – a way to experience what the able-bodied often take for granted. And that would be a brilliant thing.

Virtual Reality and the Automotive Industry


In the automotive industry, VR is unlocking a world of impossibilities with car designs, manufacturing processes, and VR auto applications. In a virtual space, designers, and engineers can see, and test their automobiles. Now customers can experience this as well. They can enter virtual environments and test-drive various cars and test their configurations from anywhere. No need to set foot in a showroom at all. All that will be needed is to send a salesperson equipped with VR headsets to the homes of potential buyers and then the customer will have a virtual test drive of the car. With the advancement of VR in the future, there will be more cars and fewer showrooms.

At Bolt Entertainment, we love the feeling of an immersive world VR offers, but more importantly, we don’t want you to miss out in the immense benefits of VR. We love how businesses are using VR to differentiate themselves and engage their audiences in amazing ways. In a virtual space, clients and customers would be able to connect anywhere, anytime, without leaving the comfort of their work space or homes.

Whether it’s bringing your VR project to life or creating a blueprint for real-time cinematic visualizations, contact one of our production companies in Atlanta or  Alpharetta, we can help you create experiences that simulate reality. Let us help you deepen customer experience through powerful storytelling. We will tell your brand story in a whole new way through captivating VR experiences.

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