Top 5 Reasons Behind The Increase In Video Production In 2020

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Top 5 Reasons Behind The Increase In Video Production In 2020

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Burgeoning platforms, technological advances and unprecedented times are causing an increase in video production. Productions have shut down all around the globe but production is thriving as people are comfortably working from home. We are seeing production companies in Atlanta, aided by technology, revel despite the trying times. We take a positive look at the top reasons behind this increase in video production in 2020.



I don’t need to tell you the details surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. What we are concerned with is the almost worldwide lockdown which the rapid spreading of the virus forced upon us, the human race. Video and film are arguably the best ways to connect with people we don’t know and experiences we’ll never have.

covid19Naturally with the majority of the world sequestered and with no end in sight people turned to their creative side for an outlet. With a lot of time on their hands for thinking people are coming with new and creative videos every single day. Check out the amount of time and effort this comedian has put into making a Love Island parody called Lone Island. This is just one example of how video production has become a refuge for people during this time.

This time and effort is not always required though. A lot of videos out there have clearly embraced content over production. Being in your home with the right equipment means you can go from an idea to a finished product pretty quickly. This is not only encouraging to new video producers but also means the veterans can turn around several ideas in one day.

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

Thanks to advancements in Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), video producers can use data from various collection tools to gain insights into how and why viewers engage with their content. This information allows them to tailor future videos to align with their audience’s preferences and online behavior.

Additionally, A.I. can help video creators pinpoint why a particular video performed well, whether it be due to the timing of the post, the platform it was posted on, or the content itself. By identifying what works, creators can streamline their production process and avoid missteps.

Moreover, A.I. can even detect when a user is closing or clicking away from a video, allowing the creator to make necessary adjustments, such as shortening the video or removing disengaging elements. This leads to more relevant and effective videos right from the start.

Social Media, Sharing & Conversions


Over 1 billion videos are viewed everyday in Tik-Tok by over 800 million people, 90% of which access the app every single day. On Youtube more than 1 billion hours of videos are watched. That’s a lot of potential advertising space.


Space which is worth filling with your video marketing. It has proved fruitful as 80% of users can remember a video ad they saw in the last 30 days. Using video beyond primarily video sharing platforms to social media with video sharing capabilities, the amount of shares generated are boosted by 1,200 more shares compared to text and still images.

What you really want to know about though is the conversion rate. Shoppers who also view videos are nearly twice likely to buy something than those who don’t. This clearly shows how video production can bulk up your business and including a video on your landing page increases e-commerce by 80%.

Video Marketing Insights

As the use of video continues to grow, it’s crucial for businesses to understand the impact it can have on their marketing strategy. By the end of the year, it’s estimated that 82% of web traffic consumed by the public will be video content. This trend highlights the importance of incorporating video into your website. Whether it’s through live streaming events or using explainer videos, video can help keep visitors engaged with your brand for longer periods of time.

Studies have shown that video is a powerful tool for boosting conversions, with shoppers who view videos being nearly twice as likely to make a purchase compared to those who don’t. Adding video to your landing page can also increase e-commerce by 80%. Additionally, a majority of consumers have reported sharing a brand’s video in the past, which demonstrates the impact that video can have on increasing brand awareness and reach.

It’s important to analyze video marketing data to understand what resonates with your audience and how they engage with your content. By using tools and insights, you can tailor your videos to meet the needs and preferences of your target market. With the right approach, video can become an invaluable asset in your marketing toolkit.

VR & 360 Video

Virtual reality and 360-degree videos are becoming increasingly popular and accessible, with more production companies investing in this technology. The immersive experience they offer presents exciting opportunities for storytellers and marketers alike. Social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook now host these unique videos, which opens up even more opportunities for content creation and distribution. As the technology improves and becomes more widely available, we can expect to see an increase in the use of VR and 360 videos in the coming years. Whether it’s for entertainment, education, or marketing purposes, the potential applications are limited only by the imagination.

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