Burgeoning platforms, technological advances and unprecedented times are causing an increase in video production. Productions have shut down all around the globe but production is thriving as people are comfortably working from home. We are seeing production companies in Atlanta, aided by technology, revel despite the trying times. We take a positive look at the top reasons behind this increase in video production in 2020.

1. COVID-19

I don’t need to tell you the details surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. What we are concerned with is the almost worldwide lockdown which the rapid spreading of the virus forced upon us, the human race. Video and film are arguably the best ways to connect with people we don’t know and experiences we’ll never have.

covid19Naturally with the majority of the world sequestered and with no end in sight people turned to their creative side for an outlet. With a lot of time on their hands for thinking people are coming with new and creative videos every single day. Check out the amount of time and effort this comedian has put into making a Love Island parody called Lone Island. This is just one example of how video production has become a refuge for people during this time.


This time and effort is not always required though. A lot of videos out there have clearly embraced content over production. Being in your home with the right equipment means you can go from an idea to a finished product pretty quickly. This is not only encouraging to new video producers but also means the veterans can turn around several ideas in one day.

2. Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

Recent improvements in AI mean that video producers can look at the product of data collection tools to gain a wider understanding of when, how, why engages with their content. They can then tailor their developing videos based on those insights. Viewers tend to watch videos which are more inline with their search history, common web pages and other online behaviour.

It can also be used to assist with identifying why a particular video worked well. Was it the time it was posted? Where it was posted? Was it the content itself? AI can help video creators hit the nail on the head first time and every time. It can even identify when a user is closing or clicking away from a video so the creator can respond accordingly. Perhaps by shortening the video or removing a disengaging aspect.

This means less learning from missteps and more creating relevant content from the start. This means streamlined creation which allows for more creation.

3. Social Media, Sharing & Conversions.

Over 1 billion videos are viewed everyday in Tik-Tok by over 800 million people, 90% of which access the app every single day. On Youtube more than 1 billion hours of videos are watched. That’s a lot of potential advertising space.


Space which is worth filling with your video marketing. It has proved fruitful as 80% of users can remember a video ad they saw in the last 30 days. Using video beyond primarily video sharing platforms to social media with video sharing capabilities, the amount of shares generated are boosted by 1,200 more shares compared to text and still images.

What you really want to know about though is the conversion rate. Shoppers who also view videos are nearly twice likely to buy something than those who don’t. This clearly shows how video production can bulk up your business and including a video on your landing page increases e-commerce by 80%.

4. Video Marketing Data

That takes us nicely to how bolstering your website with video can increase conversion rate too. It is expected that by the end of this year 82% of web traffic consumed by the public will be created by videos. Video is clearly desirable so why not keep people around on your website longer with video content. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Live streamed events are known to increase favorability by 63%. You can use explainer videos to allow customers to hear more about your products and services.

Let the content do the work for you. A majority of consumers admit they have shared a brand’s video in the past; Evian dancing babies anyone? The data is out there and it shows that video is a tremendous boon to your marketing portfolio.

5. VR & 360 Video

There are many vessels for content and 360 videos are becoming increasingly popular. They are also becoming more easily accessible. There are plenty of options for VR headsets and any accompanying device required to use it will have access to social media. More production companies in Atlanta opting to invest in the technology which creates fantastic possibilities for storytellers and marketers alike. YouTube and Facebook both host these unique videos which presents even further opportunities.